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How much content in a w3 css 'modal'?


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Hi there,

I put a little website together and used a 'modal' for the impressum. I liked the pop-up/overlay.

Now I had to add new and lengthy privacy information (new EU rule, taking effect from May, 25). So I made up a second button and modal and everything worked fine on any desktop browser.

But not on a mobile device (tested on Android und Chrome)! The modal box/ pop-up/ overlay is cut off after maybe half the length. The non visible overlay is still scrolling up until I come to the end (I can see the rubber band effect at the end). But neither modal nor content is visible. I attached an example screenshot were you can see how the modal ends unexpectedly.

Obviously the amount of the content is no problem on a desktop browsers but on a mobile. Anyone else is experiencing this behavior? Any idea how to solve this?

Thank you very much for your help!



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