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knowing what is the hex number


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this is a series of concatenated hex numbers :


but how to know what is the first hex number and the second and the third ...  ? For example is the first hex number 2c or 2c6 or 2c65 ? and therefore is the second 65 or 57 or 75 ...?

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It doesn't matter.  If you convert that to binary, which is all hex really is, then it's going to be the same series of 0s and 1s regardless of whether or how you group them (as long as you pad each hex digit to 4 bits).

Hex is just another way to look at binary data, it doesn't contain any information about grouping things together.

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It doesn't matter.  If you convert that to binary, which is all hex really is, then it's going to be the same series of 0s and 1s regardless of whether or how you group them (as long as you pad each hex digit to 4 bits).

but this gives another totally different result from what you wrote me :

console.log ( parseInt("2c65751cfbb60ffc849486c432021f613534a1357b26201eea40352588da81c192abde2013ea8f49b21528121ff49ef3cdb7d482020c120ac2838beafed2c62dcecda7e2cedfb70f4ea4938287c201a57a510fa7b65b9325d9e4fc20225d", 16));

the result is :


So JavaScript interpreter considered the above as a whole huge hexadecimal number and not as different series of small hex numbers that are concatenated together. So JavaScript interpreter did not  interpret each small hex number singly  . So I am confused now

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You told Javascript to convert the hex number to an integer (for some reason), and that's the integer value of that hex number.  I'm not sure why you think that would be useful, though.  Not every binary sequence is supposed to be an integer.

That's what you have, binary data.  You have a series of 1s and 0s.  You can represent it in hex if you want to, it makes it shorter because it's storing 4 bits per character instead of 1.  But that doesn't mean you can tell the meaning of what that binary sequence is supposed to represent.  It's just a binary sequence, it doesn't have any meaning other than the meaning that was given by the program that uses it.

Here, here's another binary sequence:

ffd8 ffe0 0010 4a46 4946 0001 0200 0001
0001 0000 ffe0 001c 4f63 6164 2452 6576
3a20 3134 3739 3720 2400 0000 0000 0000
0048 ffe1 00d4 4578 6966 0000 4d4d 002a
0000 0008 0007 0112 0003 0000 0001 0001
0000 011a 0005 0000 0001 0000 008c 011b
0005 0000 0001 0000 0094 0128 0003 0000
0001 0002 0000 0131 0002 0000 001c 0000
009c 0132 0002 0000 0014 0000 00b8 8769
0004 0000 0001 0000 0062 0000 0000 0003
a001 0003 0000 0001 ffff 0000 a002 0004
0000 0001 0000 016c a003 0004 0000 0001
0000 006b 0000 0000 0000 0048 0000 2710
0000 0048 0000 2710 4164 6f62 6520 5068
6f74 6f73 686f 7020 4353 3320 5769 6e64
6f77 7300 3230 3038 3a30 393a 3233 2030
393a 3032 3a31 3500 ffdb 0084 0002 0404
0608 0608 0808 0808 0808 0808 080a 0a0a
0a0a 0a0a 0a0a 0a0a 0a0a 0a0a 0a0a 0a0a
0a0c 0c0c 0c0c 0c0c 0c0c 0c0c 0c0c 0c0c
0c0c 0c0c 0c0c 0c0c 0c0c 0c0c 0c01 0210
1020 2020 2020 2020 4040 4040 4080 8080
8080 8080 8080 8080 8080 8080 8080 8080
8080 8080 8080 8080 8080 8080 8080 8080
8080 8080 8080 8080 8080 8080 8080 ffc0
0011 0800 6b01 6c03 0111 0002 1101 0311
01ff c400 a500 0002 0105 0101 0000 0000
0000 0000 0000 0001 0203 0506 0708 0904
0101 0001 0501 0101 0000 0000 0000 0000
0000 0301 0204 0506 0708 0910 0001 0400
0304 0508 0604 0b09 0000 0000 0200 0103
0405 1112 0613 2131 0722 3241 5114 2342
5261 7181 9133 6272 92a1 b124 4382 a215
1634 3544 5373 8393 c1f0 2663 6484 a3b2
d1d2 e111 0100 0202 0103 0402 0203 0000
0000 0000 0001 0203 1112 0421 3113 2241
5105 3252 6142 6271 ffda 000c 0301 0002
1103 1100 3f00 e4b5 debc 982a 2a10 0804
0201 0081 a015 a29b a913 6d77 d96b 5a36
8802 27d4 d3d6 946c 0b71 d3bb ebc2 4597
27cf 50b6 7cd9 7847 5d58 e2fa 47f1 f33c
9d96 be3f dbed 1f90 a354 d4ca 8562 e0a6
584a 3506 6ad0 d556 0555 a158 942b c374
0900 81a0 4804 51cb 1d26 efb3 c29e 28f7
87e5 5619 8336 1cf3 83c5 f92f a03f 1ffb
4be7 eebf f586 960c 3313 97e9 2586 b0f8
44db d3ff 0010 b21f dd5f 5b3e 495d e2d9
aa4c faa5 de59 2f19 cdcd be01 c07f 7565
7163 7266 f180 80e9 0111 1f54 5985 be4c
a6d3 1df5 29d1 a2ad 5c59 aaa8 9ab5 7057
ad53 5412 4090 4d00 8040 2010 62eb 50d1
0545 4201 0080 4020 1035 72d5 9a5b a032
3440 2734 e5d9 8621 d723 fc1b 837b cb26
5a3b 6488 74f4 c336 f86c 9c3f 62ef d9c8
af4b e490 3fea 2b96 7313 7849 3720 f707
1f6a f9fb 2f5b fc5f 4e61 fc7f f274 6619
84d3 a716 eeac 2108 77e9 ed17 b489 fac4
fed7 e2be 7dbe 4b59 f465 31c5 591a d536
c15a 9422 f0ae 5ac0 b68e 5c4a 3a9a e888
1482 63bc cc75 9b43 e994 51e6 2c66 dcd8
5c9b 52eb f0c4 72f7 390c b33a ecce f02d
86fe 12a5 1dc8 769a fcd1 cbe9 435e ac42
2edd a8ca 378c 880c 5f83 813f 05ea dc2b
fc5e 4f17 b7f2 6465 d196 2e0f fa3e 3f21
fd5b 54e0 93f7 a278 dff3 51f0 afd3 61ca
df6c 62c6 cbed 856c fcc6 1b89 0371 6782
53ab 2bfb 3773 0b8e 7fb6 b493 82bf 6dc4
6696 1563 19b3 5bf9 7617 8a52 fae7 5de6
8bfc 4ae5 237c f25c f4f4 bf4d e475 0ab5
3697 0a9f e8ae 5722 f55c c40f 3fec cf49
7e0b 999c 568f f174 15c9 1f6c d5b8 b66d
c5bc 5b8a d137 a335 1b2b 4335 1a13 592a
0cd5 8902 8918 c955 5731 6d9c e336 2b46
b8f3 ab1c d664 fef4 7751 8fc7 897b 97d4
bf8e af99 7cb9 f91b f885 8f35 f53b e569
19ab d545 5049 0081 2079 a033 4090 3cd0
240f 340b 340f 3406 6804 18c2 d434 4151
5080 4020 1008 0450 2a24 5b70 6c6e 5c12
2717 8aad 881c 8888 ddda 0b6f a9dd fac6
fc25 7e39 3375 782f 1dcf d372 f97b ff00
4fd5 71f8 74a6 03b7 1846 2390 c336 ee57
fd4c de6e 4fd9 cf81 7ecb bfb9 7cd3 97a7
b57c bea8 c5d4 56de 1b7d d711 3b77 31af
b454 490d 5550 8045 a4ff 00eb ff00 89a5
db62 315a b383 dc2c 4a98 9490 cbfc e150
7b33 46df d262 1f46 789b 8be9 fa41 67d5
993a f5ac 3977 edb3 cb32 e2ff 0028 7a0d
875f ad6a b436 6bc8 32c1 3c62 7198 f221
26cd 9ffd 77e6 cbaf 7271 2bc2 8d98 19dd
45b6 3e98 2e25 b378 4dcc fcae 853b 3ab9
bc90 c64f f7b4 e6b3 e2e8 26ad 2f63 a23d
9f7e 355a e61e 6dc8 aadb 9859 bfbb 3230
fdd5 26ff 00a4 5afe d89d 8e8d b198 b8d3
c6da 51f5 2f55 191f fc58 1e32 f8bb 3ac2
e159 6d39 5bed 8358 c2f6 b2b3 79ec 262b
8d9f 13a3 644c b2f5 9a19 d80b e0c4 eb45
3d3c 7db7 15ea 34c3 e6da 8ab5 cf45 e8ae
61c7 e16e bc91 33fb a466 28ff 0079 7236
e965 d0c6 764d 5717 a338 e705 9af2 fd89
40bf 275a 09c5 686e 232d 7e19 1e4f ed58
1dfe 9b8f fb2c 1b1b da1a 9422 d531 6a90
b845 0071 9652 f544 7f32 e42b a5c5 86d6
7359 3356 bf2e 60ab 1cc4 7359 b0fa ad5a
3639 5fb8 32e1 1c23 f563 1e0b ef4c 38b8
c69f 0366 cb36 9daf 6ba6 73a8 ba2d 4902
4020 6804 0201 0080 4090 0804 0204 831d
5a86 882a 2a11 7844 6155 61a2 47cb 34c1
18ea 3210 1f12 7666 50b2 34c1 66da 4873
ca00 92c9 7883 690f 8996 5f86 6aac ee2b
5116 2d63 990d 507e e0e2 7f13 2ff2 6526
9b0e 2a90 6035 98b5 49aa 63f5 8ddc 9fe6
a915 6632 4969 c061 a0a3 0216 e5ec f73f
367f 73a9 2613 c4b3 8d94 9314 7c4e 3ad5
ae4e f5a2 1ded 8099 da60 08fb 2200 e799
b19b fd6e 0cce fdcb e7de ae94 ac78 7bf7
497b dbe5 db0b e497 d5e8 66aa b934 18a6
3786 bdca 7257 69a5 aef2 6594 b193 890b
b72e 5cc5 f913 77b6 7df9 2dd6 3bf1 96a2
f5dc 2c5b 27b3 515d dfd5 86f5 dc27 16aa
2ce7 0ef5 ee54 9e27 ec59 8a3b 1a8f 744f
c0c4 4c4a 325e ebed b46f 4f0f f756 7cb3
0bd8 6ed1 e1d9 bdba 237a 06cf 3b38 7e64
4cde 3254 3f38 dedd 047e e5ca 5b04 7c3a
a8cd f65d 186d 3d38 b179 f0b8 2703 ab74
0ecd 4878 83d7 b00f fa55 7dd9 b310 6b62
1904 5d99 b363 cbbd 7691 13ae ee3e 6ddf
b3d0 515a b6e9 2545 e151 692b 5535 55a8
e954 5c81 8b10 e926 631f 026d 4df8 ac8d
b1b8 b566 23b0 db3b 699f 7f86 5137 2f4b
7220 7f7e 3d25 f8a9 62d2 838b cc3d b9d9
3af8 76d2 4956 22b7 0d39 e9c3 62ac 636a
c696 d2e4 138b 75fb 9f49 659f 05ea f86b
5b79 78de 6b5a bf2c 32ae 1b5e 1273 00f3
8fce 4322 924f 76b3 772c bd99 af59 ae38
8f0f 2eb5 e67c afb9 ace6 a82a a848 1a01
0080 409d 0340 2048 1a04 81a0 1008 0418
e2d3 b481 1424 4aa6 6622 3a88 8447 c5df
26f9 a892 e980 4fb4 7519 f28b 5d83 f08d
babf 137c 87f3 56ed 9bc5 6c7b 18ac fc9a
3aa1 f7e4 f993 69fb aca6 6771 28f0 0875
6b98 8e73 f132 72fc dffc 964e 996c be38
401b a82c 3ee5 7af7 d68b 03aa 8a7c 1b9a
0e86 e8ee 969c 34ad 1379 cbd2 94b9 f7ee
87cd c0df 006c f2f1 7775 f0b7 5993 76d3
edee 8f1e aadf 6bca deb4 1580 4020 c531
1a76 1ce1 b750 da2b f4cb 5d79 1fb2 59f6
e097 c629 5baa 6dee 26e4 bb4c 3975 da5c
8e5c 7bee eced 95da 3871 4c36 2b91 8eec
8b50 4f13 f6a0 9e3e acb1 17d9 2e4f e90e
975e b52f 258e ebb4 fb3d 864b 761b c752
bbdc 81dd e3b1 bb16 985d db4f 6d99 9df8
3fa5 9ab7 69b8 b355 86ce 3448 48a2 48a9
2288 66aa aa4a a29e 4ad5 1a4f 6e36 2a0c
6698 4652 3d6b 55cd e4ad 6447 5144 7964
4243 e9c7 2370 30ef e0ed c596 fb1d f52e
6326 3e4f 326d 54bb 4eec d42f c631 5c87
8f51 f38a 689f 804f 0b97 a05c 9d9f 8876
5f96 6be8 cc59 36f9 b325 34a6 b7ed 0857
a308 a920 6812 0680 4020 1008 0402 0481
a010 0831 a77e 19e7 9378 f77c d695 a3d3
08b1 b415 01f4 8914 c7ea c43a fe65 d96f
9ab9 b5e2 b13d dc4e 7fa2 8c2b 0789 f5cf
e4fd 5651 363c 506c 084c b559 964b 05f5
9fab f77b 3f82 cc64 b328 a08c 1ba8 2c2a
455f 4aa8 6812 0680 56aa c731 6326 a92e
9ed1 8eec 7ed4 8ec0 d97c d960 5e75 0cfa
4777 a118 7d51 82ac 100f 6618 a38d bdc0
3a57 e736 4b6e 76fd 18c7 5d46 9775 ab66
856a f080 45a4 8aad f80e 25fc 178f 8193
e54b 1820 8266 ee8e e8b7 e8f3 e5dd be1f
344f e916 8cf8 af6d c37e 51a7 8e66 a6a7
6efd 6e6b 68d6 aa22 4455 1535 5542 08a2
36b3 c436 aa9d 4c4a 1a56 8658 3ca4 4773
64c3 f459 257c ff00 47de fa12 f809 b331
67c1 d676 9aee 4d96 b1e5 9909 a852 93a2
8f38 fa45 d95d adb3 62b6 2250 61f7 0280
5807 0a5b d1b6 55e4 eed1 2f52 4d0e cc5a
44f5 679f 05ea 1872 443c 8f36 3997 32d5
b714 d1b4 9196 a17c dbc1 d9db 8389 0bf1
1267 e6cf c7d8 bdc6 b687 83cd 661f 6ac8
5879 ab82 7741 140d 0081 208a 0920 1034
0204 81a0 1008 3417 f031 4af9 da9c e777
f45d f20f b8dd 55af 6c99 5c35 228d b200
61f8 22f5 c965 8140 a056 08ab 8357 0335
1a8c 7e7c 56ac 65a4 a417 3f50 3ae6 ff00
b219 ba83 9264 c0ef cbf4 350a 31ee 3b05
bb6f 7eed b33f c94e 8e55 1f0a b236 2915
8b3b c67b f4db 7401 a627 f39e 2f99 3ae3
fa89 f6cb acc1 fb43 d157 e6bf 3c9f a146
a890 2aac 19a0 4804 5ac6 319c 3fca e9cd
06ad 2463 e6cf d494 5f54 46de d136 675b
fc76 d4c3 4b92 bb89 75d6 c46d 13e2 782d
6b47 c27d 3b9b 01ea 5885 f773 0fde 6d4d
ec26 5eeb 678a 55b5 5cd9 bb4e c2dc 1b8e
4dc5 f937 17e6 fdcd cd6b 59f3 2abd cae5
c335 6a62 cd54 3e2a 344c 7317 c26a 5ea7
354b 51b4 b04e 3a4c 5ff0 21f0 317e b017
3625 9712 c498 6a5d 88c4 ad0f 94e1 178d
e4bd 8510 06f9 ff00 a554 36ce ad9f 6938
f9b9 7fde 03f8 aceb c359 56fd 65a8 6f54
6490 47b6 421f 69d8 7f37 5369 8dc9 f1f9
6567 e53c 39fb 240c ff00 355e 2b79 4380
fa5c d93a f534 e3d5 05a2 d73c 315f 8c5b
cdcc 3296 88ec e4dc 0648 c8ba e5e9 8971
e4bd 3705 fbbc aba8 c5db 6e67 75ee fb78
3228 bc20 4812 01d0 4902 4020 1008 0409
0081 a08a 0c09 6236 4151 5415 824e aab8
89d8 4732 7616 f6f0 566d 7b19 7c5e bbbe
50eb b27e ac00 e7f3 2ecb 7cd4 7b55 f7c7
062b 2f66 286a 8f8c a5bc 93ee 47d5 f9ba
b912 ea1b 3719 71b3 3cf6 3eae add4 7f72
3cb3 f8ba 938a cdb3 3ab4 abc0 d943 1471
37d4 161f f259 8c2d ae59 a9d1 4b18 c524
d0d5 a57e 0315 fa46 4fe0 2d28 b3bb fcd7
13d4 47b2 5d96 09f7 c3b8 d7e7 43f4 5a09
5a94 2a01 00ad 0204 a558 baf4 7d6d eae3
f885 07fa 1bf0 05f8 9bb8 658d f716 99be
db6e cbe0 efde bde7 1cee af0f c91a b364
f488 59be 051b 9651 498f d0de 7736 4032
98e6 fe1a 85b3 5bdc 6e6b 24af 5736 f70f
f293 a987 c56b 1aba 19ea af87 46f3 e82c
f2d3 34cd 9431 7b75 1f0e f659 35c6 c7b6
6865 1060 9d21 5c12 3f26 c1f0 38b2 eaf9
54b2 5eb0 ded3 681a 385b ecea f8ae 9631
390b 6773 2f4a 926d 36cf 6032 e203 b598
7dcb 71cb 08f9 2435 2a43 d432 d264 cc73
cb21 69e1 c05b dab6 5e9c 353e b4a1 b19b
415b 10c0 e8dd c436 fe1c 32ed 989c e6aa
4185 e711 6b71 cb23 1d4c cecc cfd6 eb71
517a 70bb d5b3 78d0 c06d dd6c f0ce 90b0
fb85 dcc5 4e84 cdf1 68ac 017c 957d 385b
eb4b 535f c076 f23d b6c3 6a11 e0d1 d9b7
855f 882e 8efc a09a 184e 295e 43ab cc65
8c8b a8da b43e a7eb 3270 45ea f76d ac4b
6570 3aa6 dfc6 1dbc b1ad bb50 456e ae1a
1abb db75 079d cbd8 44ee a7e3 0b27 24b5
b949 d084 523e 6d36 2f37 8bb6 2b7c 9fdd
9f51 fe1c d4fd 987e e71e ed6c 3b33 2eda
60f6 e861 855f 66a1 161b b096 1172 266e
27be 7959 a3d5 2b98 b8ee 898b cd93 7b33
7aee 15d5 9b77 a428 7a30 2d97 c45f 04c6
6d43 6422 1386 8bdc ba31 4a6d 2079 b7af
6fb4 dee7 e196 7dca 58d6 d14c ce9c f4cf
c1bd cdf9 2f5e 799a 4a55 8100 8040 2010
0804 0902 40d0 2412 4090 0835 fe6b 0db4
7c76 2d45 10e7 2184 6de2 4ecc a8bd 630c
4b7b fc9a 09ec 7d66 1ddc 7fe2 4993 3fc3
358a aae8 186e 272f 6e58 6ab7 8463 bd93
ef1e 40df 0675 329b 5d61 d9aa 4cfa a5d7
64bc 6727 36fb 9d96 f929 74c7 db3a 8c04
0748 0b08 f80b 3337 e192 9348 95b3 592c
619a a288 a019 517b e0b9 5067 af2c 2ef9
34a0 419f 867d ff00 07c9 d453 1b84 d13a
96fc d91c 67ca e80b 4997 94d6 7dc5 81f0
9019 998f dd20 e44d f15f 9f9d 4e2e 32fd
01e9 b372 86d0 5e78 f413 4549 02cd 36b3
49ac cd4f d20d c7da 0eb0 b49b 6c7e bcbb
9da5 c0a7 67c9 e4b1 66a1 fb42 c404 5a7e
fc63 92f5 8e9a 7f67 99e7 8f0e 86e9 5306
f2cd 98ba 0d10 ce75 f756 c237 cdb5 f929
b4a6 1c38 f5c0 4c38 71c8 9d7a 3e39 eef3
1c91 b82c 0b14 da7b 7875 76c2 62c2 7653
0892 3138 63ab 105c b671 18e6 24e5 d5af
193f 37ea 9978 93ae b2d9 34e2 a98b 6a92
f477 5ed7 f3a6 258c e2ef 9e6e d66e ca11
3ffc bd77 8e26 6f66 4b99 9cb2 ec63 0c32
6abd 1fec c43f 4783 e1ec edde f001 bfce
4627 fc56 bb9c b6be 9c32 e8f6 7709 16c8
70fa 22de cad0 b7e4 0a3e 5293 8431 4c43
60b6 6ece 7bec 2681 93e7 d668 0233 f81c
7a09 bdec eaee 72b7 d387 15ed 26c4 cffc
63af 530a 2b76 e2a7 864d 2cf5 67c5 ad42
3185 9998 0628 66eb 1c7b c617 7707 2d04
0dc5 f25d 9d6f d9c2 da9d dd07 b114 b65a
4d70 c184 56a3 8954 c9ad 559e 103b 513f
afbc 9188 a58c bd19 45f4 bf2c d692 f32e
8e91 0ea7 8c44 5baa c23e e666 ff00 b568
b72e 8b8c 2bea 7f17 51ee 57e9 c5dd 36dd
8030 30a2 c20f 6714 b30c 31f5 4753 4519
34b6 24cf 2cc5 9807 2cfc 4b25 d7e0 dccb
cff3 cc44 38a1 7d2a f9d7 6488 9140 2010
4900 8040 2048 1668 2480 4020 8a05 9a0d
6818 2dc9 3e9e de86 7f42 b069 ff00 a879
97e4 b57a 67ed 9055 c028 445a c616 293d
791d e53f bc79 fe0a 7d29 b662 b258 814a
882a 2f43 52b4 08a1 2b84 b341 0451 2cd4
6b96 8cec d6b3 e594 f2df e961 9237 ecd9
8b9e ecbc 087f 567d cf93 3f05 e7dd 461e
7e5e 83d3 e6e0 ea7c 1b18 af7a b34f 03bf
3d26 04d9 1c52 376a 331e 6ced f8f3 65f0
ee4c 5359 eefb 8f1e 58b4 32b5 ccba 9411
1b1f c2e8 dfc6 6d4b 0d39 7c92 8569 3776
6f33 3148 7265 9941 4c49 9c75 0f29 267c
d81d f26e 2bd8 7162 d77b 3c9f 265f a6f2
6e87 b65d c7af 5669 a5ef 9e4b 3394 f9fa
dada 4e7e 1933 3783 2edb 72e2 9a5f 1dc1
a6c0 ed43 e7a6 b385 5b31 8633 98b7 9353
b2fd 98e4 932c ca19 7d03 2e22 7c1f 83b2
e432 e289 8dc3 aac5 9753 a962 5b44 4e05
86ca cf91 458c e18e cfdf c676 02fc fe4b
49d2 cf76 eba9 f0f4 c484 5f36 76cd bacc
eddc ede0 ebb8 fedc 57c3 57ec 8e03 2e19
524a 6f2b 4b5e 3b33 1546 cbaf 0d69 1f58
c06f dfbb 2726 1cbf 57a5 b9b2 ceb4 a0ac
369e 4b5a db1a aaa1 5e13 bab9 1b5a ecf6
cdc7 47ca a479 4ecd abb3 bcd6 6c49 96a9
09b3 18c3 26e0 c110 6400 cdc1 b2cf 9bba
cadb 5f10 b4ed 46c9 c77f 7562 191e a627
578d 4b61 da8d ff00 ab95 9b8c 9017 2389
fb9d f4e4 5929 6b66 25aa c287 6a76 9600
d36b 6767 b120 7029 68d9 ac70 c997 a714
7298 482c fcf4 9366 dc96 5f18 61f2 987c
92f4 9720 0139 6cee d16b 6177 606a a04c
4fe1 ac64 766f 7f15 7f05 9ea7 fabc e6bb
b456 712c 564b 7896 b86f 38b8 4552 4092
2f25 81b9 4510 4ac2 e6ef fac9 1b9b fb17
b6e1 8abc 3334 d972 75e8 0e11 1518 4804
0668 1a04 8040 d008 1201 9034 0901 9a04
82b2 9168 512a 1553 045a a68b 0201 0081
2010 0824 aa8f 4b39 4334 563c aa9c 9e4f
6791 7328 a61f 5668 fbfe d375 87b9 7159
70c5 9dd6 2cf3 46da a1b7 55f3 68f1 107a
32bf a6ef aeb1 fd99 7d1f 749a 7deb e4ec
9d14 d7c7 77d5 58ba cacf 996c ac57 1118
f0cb 36a1 313d dd69 6402 1762 17d2 0ee2
eced c1f8 ae0b 1e3f 7777 a1de fede cdd8
f15b c2b6 2a94 1876 6d6e 48a8 4006 c3af
44d7 4c37 d61d 9bd4 7333 e3cb 265e f8f0
a6a3 d9ee 8f2b dbc5 b11b 11dd c52a 4342
c151 1921 b937 94db b110 81d8 b566 43d4
3da3 618e 2116 0666 7cd6 cef6 d34f 4aed
bda8 61f7 6d47 8a60 58ce ab90 8c31 3c37
b77b b79e 0998 b273 cba8 d6ab 98b6 641d
ac84 968f 7df6 daeb e1c6 d20d a7bb 87e0
b71f 55ea d8ee 1f14 a5fd 7431 13cf 1d90
6f56 48c3 32f0 2625 a6ae 3d5b 6e82 f937
5d3d 5eff 00ca b196 1917 aa2a 2e0a aa92
04a8 8c22 a6a7 5a4a 05c4 a646 d79b 4db3
187e 2d4c ebdd 8425 6712 ddc9 979d 84f2
eac9 149d a121 7e3e 1e2b 615b 4b45 7a46
9e3a e113 c925 38ca 47d4 6dbc 022f 59e2
90a2 d7fb 5a75 7c57 d494 f0f9 52de 6592
2d93 0890 0812 0920 6822 81a0 6812 0480
40d0 2406 482a abd4 0ac5 4204 8120 6812
0105 3402 0920 481a a081 0b13 644c c4de
0fc5 be4a 194b 1661 b3e0 50b8 4a10 4935
4df0 181b 406e 119b 1364 fae3 ec65 fb39
fb57 396c 5599 74f1 9ad1 db6f 553a 2fda
26c4 367e beb7 cad5 211a 7687 bc65 8058
357d 9907 2317 f07e 0ebe 7ec9 4d59 eff8
efb8 5803 108f 00c6 2f79 6bbc 5856 2d61
edc3 6dd9 f755 ad98 884d 5a62 6fa3 63d0
c709 3f07 e239 e6ca 7f29 3c3a 0f0c c628
5d8d e4a7 6a0b 5189 6973 84c6 4162 f0ea
f7ae 7dd0 be29 700c 3cf1 28b1 12af 1bdd
8223 8639 b2eb 0c65 cc7f c99f 98b3 bb37
3591 c90f 1660 2cb5 ed82 6aab d254 5090
081a 015c 22aa a3e3 9678 e317 294c 231e
f732 616f 9964 ca7d 3136 d767 b6db 3a2f
d6c5 b0e6 cbfe 2a1f fd94 9c58 bc9a 0b69
fa63 c222 092b 6184 f8a5 e922 95a3 dcff
0027 0eae 9de1 ce59 0908 3936 6c1a 9f3c
9974 f8f1 6dcc 64cb a704 61d5 3715 a285
df53 c60c c4fe 25cc 9fe7 9afa 32b1 a7cd
56b6 d7a5 96c5 3409 0080 40d0 2402 0103
4020 1024 0904 9054 5728 15aa 8402 0105
340f 340b 3402 0100 8120 6ae0 2a03 3555
8bae 0b8c 5ec2 aff9 7d16 0322 1d16 2b19
3847 6a36 6eae 64dd 9963 fd5c 993f 8136
4b8b cb8b 93b2 c797 8bbf b06e 9476 6efc
0ed6 2c45 4a61 6ca6 ab7d c633 6fb2 e7e6
e41c fd30 776e 4bc4 2d8e 61ee d5cb 12ce
b06d a7c0 66b6 f4b0 e960 9a4d 0f24 9e49
1ea8 03fb 49a2 1dd3 13f7 3396 a75a bb37
d596 db65 a86d 1345 e117 040d 0240 d024
0954 6aec 5762 702b d6bc a6e5 082c cda4
4754 ba8b 80f2 6d1a b47e eaca e4d6 cd57
98b6 5f06 8f2d 1875 01d3 cb2a d0b6 5f20
5272 45c5 a47a 4ed8 ef2e c246 4a51 035e
c348 a7ac 002c 2d28 e5e7 eaf0 feb4 797d
7665 d1e2 c9ab 39bc d8b7 0f3b 2ad9 8e68
4248 f3d2 6ddf cd9d b810 9377 38bb 6976
f165 f484 4edf 2f4b ef59 2a85 5509 0081
6682 4804 0668 0402 0480 4066 8040 d054
5728 15aa 8402 0105 3412 4104 1341 040d
0080 4020 1026 512f 5192 08cf b600 7f68
58bf 3659 ba63 4cbb cfa1 07ff 0065 211c
859a 3b98 8463 90b3 7502 c1b0 33e4 dc72
6e0c ef9b af98 f37e cfa6 ba7f 0ebf 5c4b
d0cd 5a94 2010 0804 0201 0240 9034 51f3
92be 5579 07b5 b5a2 836b f19a f08b 470e
75a6 d03d 9692 689c e526 f0d6 4d9b b370
cfb9 7d01 867b 3e67 cf1d d8bb 726f 82f4
b79d 856a a9a2 84e8 2282 a20a 681a 09a0
a682 aa08 ba08 a048 2aa0 ffd9 

So, tell me, what is that supposed to be?  Can you tell just by looking at it?  Would it help to convert it to an integer?  If I told you that's a picture, can you tell me what it's a picture of by looking at the binary value?  If you're familiar with image format standards, then maybe you would notice that it starts with ffd8 and say that's probably a JPEG image.  So, great, if you copy that into a file and give it a .jpg extension so your computer knows what program to use to open it, great.  If not, then the binary data alone doesn't really mean anything.  You can write any program to write any file using whatever format you come up with, that doesn't mean that anyone else looking at that binary data automatically knows what it's supposed to represent.  Maybe it's a zip file, maybe it's a PDF, maybe it's an executable.

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this hex number :


is in fact a concatenation of many hex numbers that are separated with a white space :

2c6 57 51 cf bb 60 ff c8 49 48 6c 43 2021 f6 13 53 4a 13 5 7b 26 201e ea 40 35 2 58 8d a8 1c 192 ab de 2013 ea 8f 49 b2 152 81 21 ff 49 ef 3c db 7d 48 2020 c1 20ac 28 38 be af ed 2c6 2dc ec da 7e 2c ed fb 70 f4 ea 49 38 28 7c 201a 57 a5 10 fa 7b 65 b9 32 5 d9 e4 fc 2022 5d

my question , when I first opened this topic , was if is it possible , when to look  at the above concatenated huge hex numbers , to know that it is indeed a series of little hex numbers separated by a white space . I mean is it possible to know that this :


was like this :

2c6 57 51 cf bb 60 ff c8 49 48 6c 43 2021 f6 13 53 4a 13 5 7b 26 201e ea 40 35 2 58 8d a8 1c 192 ab de 2013 ea 8f 49 b2 152 81 21 ff 49 ef 3c db 7d 48 2020 c1 20ac 28 38 be af ed 2c6 2dc ec da 7e 2c ed fb 70 f4 ea 49 38 28 7c 201a 57 a5 10 fa 7b 65 b9 32 5 d9 e4 fc 2022 5d

if yes how ? or through which method ?

I am sorry , I did not express my question clearly  . Now  I hope it is clear :)



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Breaking a long sequence of bytes into pieces is merely for the convenience of reading it easier, the computer does not know or care where you think they should be separated, it just reads the entire sequence.

The only way to find out how the digits should be separated is if you can tell us where you found the sequence so that we may find documentation that describes how it should be interpreted.

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I found them nowhere . I invented them myself and I asked if there is a method to know how the digits should be separated . The reason why I asked it is to know how to change a series of  hex concatenated numbers to decimal numbers . If I want to change this :


to decimals numbers without knowing that it is a series of concatenated hex numbers , how will my result be correct ? my result will be wrong . In order for the conversion to be correct i need to know how the digits should be separated . It is not that you always have a source of information or a documentation that describes how should things go . Sometimes you have no source  and you get a series of hex numbers concatenated together so you need to know how the digits should be separated  in order to change them correctly . If I am wrong , please feel free to correct me

Best regards

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my question , when I first opened this topic , was if is it possible , when to look  at the above concatenated huge hex numbers , to know that it is indeed a series of little hex numbers separated by a white space

Well, think about that question.  All you have is a sequence of hex digits, right?  Is there any other information there?  Is there anything other than the actual hex digits?  Because if there's not additional information about how to split that up or which digits go with each other, then is there a way to get any other information at all about the hex digits?

I mean, take hex out of the equation if you want to.  Here, base-10 digits:


Now, if I tell you that the above is 3 numbers that are concatenated, how do you know what those 3 are?  Is there any information in the above series of numbers which is telling you how many numbers there are or where they are separated or anything?  What about letters:


Now, that's 3 passwords concatenated.  Is there any information there to tell you how to separate those?

Why do you think hex is magically different?  Why do you think a series of arbitrary hex characters contains some additional information that you're not seeing that would tell you which characters are part of groups?

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Every meaningful sequence of symbols comes from a source that should have documentation that describes how to interpret the symbols in the sequence. 

If you have a meaningless sequence of symbols, no meaningful information can come from it.

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