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Arithmetic Coding Problem


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I don't know why I am getting "011" instead of "2" after 2 times through my function.

My code is:

<input name=\"ent2a\" type='number' id=\"ent2a\" size=\"1\" style=\"text-align:center\" MaxLength=2 value=0 onblur=\"chkent(ent2a)\">

<input id='cntR' type='number' size='1'  MaxLength=2 value=0>

function chkent(entry)
{with (entry);
var e = entry.value;
if(e==1){cntR.value = cntR.value + 1;return false;}
return false;}

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Because the "+" operator concatenates strings as well as adding numbers. The computer determines which operation to do based on the data type of the variables. The value property of an HTML form control is always a string, so you have to convert it to a number before doing number operations on it.

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