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Delete one of two contradicting CSS rules?

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In a webpage I have the following HTML code:

<img class="logo" src=....>...</img>

with the corresponding CSS:

.logo {
    width: 12rem;
img {
    width: auto !important;


As you can see there are two somehow contradicting width values. Ok, since the width in IMG has an !important postfix it has a higher priority.

And this is the problem.

How can I disable the width value/key in IMG CSS specification and let the width value for .logo become active?

How can I delete a CSS key?

Since "auto" is already the default value overwriting it with the default value makes no sense.

I have no access to the original html/CSS code but must apply it afterwards

Thank you



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Its the wrong way round, img selector top that becomes default (without !important), .logo below will make it have precedence over just img selector.

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