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Combining two tables on join on Datetime

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Hi, i have a problem with my sql query, I tried everything but until now not the right results.
Problem :
I have two tables, One  that is called Alarms and the other one Logs.
From Alarms I want to use the fields Machine, Message en datetime which is in 2020-02-27 19:11:54:123 format.  In the table Logs I have the fields Anode and Datetime also in 2020-02-27 19:11:54:123  format.
When a alarms occurs I want to use the datetime field to look for the Anode in the other table Logs with the same Datetime value but only on the whole second, I want only one value back.
So the ouput would be someting like 
Machine, Message ,Datetime,Anode 
I believe I have to use the LEFT JOIN instruction :
SELECT Machine,Message,DateTime,Anode
FROM Table1.Alarms
ON table1.DateTime = table2.DateTime;  
Can Anyone help me with this ?
Thanks in advance, Peter


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