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Script does not work as expected !!!

Antonio Testa

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Hello folks,

My simple code bellow is not working !!!☹️. The value for <div "X0"> is updated only once. The value for <div "X2"> is never updated.

I want to have both X0 and X2 updated every second.... Any suggestion ?

Thanks a lot. Antonio... 




<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js">


$(document).ready(function update(){







<div "X0"></div>

<div "x2"></div>





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Hi Antonio

Your update function only gets defined once the page has loaded. You're calling update before its fully loaded. If you want to call it immediately, put the update() right after the function definition.

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The update() function will run when the page loads (it is being passed as an argument to the ready() function) , but it won't find the elements because they don't have id attributes.

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Hello, @Antonio Testa

Please try this code,To Script does not work as expected !!!

Move the following code from the <head> to just above the closing </body> tag

<script type="text/javascript">
   var c = document.id('right_column').getElement('#float_block');
   if (window.getSize().x < 1260 /*|| (c && t > p)*/){
      if (!c)

I hope this code will be useful.

Thank you.

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