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CSS Style Attribute? - Mobile Response eBay Template Font Sizing


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I recently had a HTML template developed for my eBay Store that is mobile response for both browser and mobile devices. I have intermediate knowledge in HTML & CSS and did a majority tweaks to get everything right. I am new to mobile responsive CSS code and wasn't able to figure out a few things within' my template. I have attached both the HTML and CSS to this thread and you can access the HTML template directly by following this link: http://www.fridgeplus.com/misc/eb-template-1.html

I am confused about the CSS style that resizes font versus wrapping the text to the next line when the template width is decreased or when opened in a mobile application. Specifically the problem I'm having with this template is the Title "Frigidaire 5,000 BTU Compact Window Air Conditioner" and Subtitle "Brand New w/ 1 Year Parts/Labor & 5 Year System Warranty." In desktop view, the font size and positioning is just fine but when viewed in mobile, (Mobile Screenshot Attached) the title font size becomes smaller and the subtitle font size stays large and wraps to the 2nd line. I would rather have it be the exact opposite. I played with the CSS attributes for these headers but wasn't able to figure out how to achieve this style.

If I can learn this style, I'll be able to improve other aspects and would appreciate any insight. Thank you for your time.


eb-template-1.html products.css

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