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Can we download


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Sir, My question is;

Can someone download W3Schools website using httrack to browse offline. Because I activate weekly internet package, but courses are very long and cannot be completed in one week.

By downloading W3Schools, we can learn offline. Easily.

Waiting for reply.


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Yes you can download the site with [Tool name removed] and use it offline. Infact i did it before to cheat at an exam. I dont know how much file size or time it will cost but i can download it for you probably tomorrow.

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Since we dont plan to use it commercialy or try to compete with the web site and just use it as personally and the web site is free and also ad free too, i feel like its under fair use conditions. But its states "copying large quantaties" under the not favorable use so i might be wrong. Since it takes so much time and the user "Hanzala" didnt responded to me and im kinda warned in a good humor i drop my case. And also i want to thank dsonesuk for his contrubutions to this forum (man he has so many posts). 

To users who may see this in future you can download some parts of the website like just  /css part under 2 hour with [Tool name removed] and use it offline.



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