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random css image selection - pure vanilla javascript/css?


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Hi W3S! Been a while (as always).

So i am in need of support yet again.

I have this fun project of mine, where i have 2 background images i really wonna show, but at random on each page load...

so as the title says, is there a way to do this with simple javascript? As said i have 2 background images i wanna show and since im not the best with javascript, i kinda hoped i could get you guys to show me an example or at least guide me to where i could look? I have looked at W3Schools main website but not sure if i'm looking in the right spot.

Many thanks in advance! :D


The idea behind the background images is that they should be attached to the "<body>" tag for kinda "overlayers". If that makes sence? I already have a "black" background, and these images are supposed to look like "x"s... but in different colors... hense the random images...

Anyways as always, thanks in advance and i hope you guys can help me... again... as always...

Happy new year so far, and hope all are with good health! And watch out! <3

Regards, rootKID :D

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