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Does the free course is Full and covers everything?


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Hi, I am trying to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and I already tried many free and paid apps and websites but most of them not covering the full language and just learn part of it so I would like to know please are the free or the paid courses here covering everything? Every tag attributes properties…etc?


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Then, like the doctor says, don’t do that any more.  

IMHO, the best way to learn code is to learn it while you do it.  I tried to learn then do, but that never worked for me.

So, I had to change the way I learned and just started creating things with code.  

Create a div. Give it some positioning. Then, put something in it.

Get a localhost. They’re free at wampserver.com.

That’ll let you make dynamic content.

When you’re done doing that you can try to get JS to do the same thing you did with your localhost (or the other way around)

Oh yeah, don’t be afraid to make lots of mistakes.

That’s why there’re  forums.

There’s no substitute for doing. The bigger the mistake the more memorable the lesson!

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