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  1. You can add some CSS to hide the element when printing using a media query: https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/tryit.asp?filename=trycss3_media
  2. Because PHP runs on the server-side, allowing arbitrary users to run any PHP on their server would make it very easy for hackers to take over the website. I would suggest downloading a local server such as XAMPP to run PHP on your own computer.
  3. Unfortunately, the staff rarely visits the forums. As far as taking length calls out of the loop, it's a negligible performance impact in 99% of situations. If you were writing a heavy time-critical application this would be one of the optimizations you could do to improve it if you find that it's running slow.
  4. Begin writing software, if you run into a problem you can't solve then search online for an answer or ask about it.
  5. It's not the object that's the problem, it's JSON.stringify().
  6. The <pre> element by default allows text to overflow. You should use an element other than <pre>. If you still want a <pre> element there, you can override its behavior with CSS using "white-space: normal;"
  7. Ingolme


    No, void is a completely useless Javascript construct.
  8. It's a "feature" built into iPhone browsers. If you make sure that the font size of the text inside your inputs is at least 16px then iPhone won't try to zoom in to see it.
  9. Yes. Use CSS to set the border width to 0 or the border style to "none"
  10. Ingolme

    Query not working

    The mysql_ library is deprecated, you should be using something else like PDO. I can't tell what the problem is without seeing all of the code. Can you write a very basic program to test it and put the code here? Please use the code block ( <> button) to keep it organized.
  11. You should use single-quotes in the exec() command, otherwise it thinks that $USER is a PHP variable. I would expect the above code to throw an error similar to "Undefined variable $USER".
  12. Ingolme

    Query not working

    "Affected rows" usually only counts the number of rows that were modified or deleted. If you want to count the number of rows that were selected, you can either loop through the rows you received and count them or or use a SELECT COUNT(*) query.
  13. I don't know how this "owl" plugin works, you should check their documentation. Open the Javascript console in your browser to check for errors as well.
  14. Confirm is a function, so call it with parentheses: return confirm("Do you want to continue?"); I would recommend putting this code in an submit event of the form rather than the click event of a button, so that even if the user submits the form through other means (pressing Enter in the text field) the code will still run.
  15. UTF-8 is a good encoding, but your text editor should be using UTF-8 without BOM (Byte-Order Mark). The option to choose with or without a BOM should be available in your code editor.
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