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  1. Need to reference stylesheet off of own server

    When it shows you all the code (it's minified CSS). right-click and choose "Save As..." and save the file with a .css extension.
  2. How to build multimedia website with html

    You need to read through the tutorials. Here's the tutorial page for CSS shadows: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_shadows.asp
  3. quotes in POST but not in variable

    You have to distinguish between a representation of the string in your code and the actual value of the string. The variable is being sent in from outside, so there's no literal string that needs to be parsed by the PHP engine.
  4. Help needed Compiled source unreadable?

    I'm afraid this system is much too complex to solve in a forum post. It looks like you would have to hire somebody to reverse engineer this software.
  5. How to build multimedia website with html

    There's no feature in CSS to add outline to text, but it can be imitated using multiple text shadows, each in one of four directions.
  6. How to build multimedia website with html

    Things like changing position, rotating and changing colors can be animated with CSS. https://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_transitions.asp https://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_animations.asp For more complex animations you would need more difficult techniques.
  7. Help needed Compiled source unreadable?

    Which software is intended to run this code? This certainly is not capable of running in browsers.
  8. How to build multimedia website with html

    Which part of that site is multimedia? It's a storefront, if you want to have a store on your website you can search for ecommerce software for your server.
  9. Jagged Rounded Corners

    I can't see anything obvious from your image. Seeing a live example of each of the two buttons would help me figure it out.
  10. How to build multimedia website with html

    I would start with clearly defining what "multimedia website" means.
  11. How can I make a randomly teleporting button in html

    You'll have to learn Javascript. https://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp There aren't tutorials out there for every possible thing you would want to do, but you can learn how to break down your problem into its components and build a program that does it. After you've learned Javascript, the first step is to define what it means to teleport: How frequently does it teleport and where can it teleport to?
  12. 404 means that the URL of the file is wrong.
  13. CSS accordion

    Remove the <br> element from between the radio button and the label.
  14. CSS accordion

    You can't have both effects with pure CSS. These work like radio buttons and checkboxes. A checkbox can be checked and unchecked, but does not affect other checkboxes. A radio button can only be selected and only gets deselected when a different radio button in the same group is selected.
  15. NewsLetter SignUp Subscription

    You have to build it or hire somebody to build it for you. A PHP script will work if your server supports PHP, but there are tons of other server-side languages with which to build your website.