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    The principle is the same. Have the video in a fixed position in the background while having the rest of the content scrollable in the foreground. Here's an example: https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=FOMFZ9OYGA7L
  2. Live Search - Over 40,000 Records

    There is no fast way to search an XML document, because the entire file needs to be loaded into memory and parsed before the search can even begin. You would need to create a file format that is optimized for searching, which is exactly what databases do. The search has to be done on the server-side as well, since transferring 40,000 records to the client before beginning the search is already a slow task.
  3. dropdown of navbar doesnt work

    Get rid of the bootstrap stylesheet. That's the one that's adding all the additional styles that are breaking the nav bar.
  4. dropdown of navbar doesnt work

    The problem is that both .navbar and .dropdown have "overflow: hidden" on them, which prevents any of their children from being visible if they escape the boundaries of their parents.
  5. Run Script Loaded by $.getScript( ) on Get

    I'm not sure what you mean by "insert" in this context. The issue you get when calling $.getScript() is that there's a time delay between the time the function is called and the time when the contents of the loaded file begin executing. The page would respond a lot faster if all functions were already available as soon as the page is loaded. You might want to consider if your page still works properly if Javascript had an issue while executing or failed to load.
  6. Run Script Loaded by $.getScript( ) on Get

    There's no reason why you can't include the same Javascript file in multiple pages. Declare all your functions in one file, then include the file on any page that needs to call any of the functions.
  7. header function not functioning

    You need to do some debugging. You can't just copy some code and give up when the code doesn't work. Look for solutions. You have one single condition to test for here: if($row['amount'] > 0) { header('Location: http://www.example.com/'); } If it redirects, then the count is greater than zero, if it does not redirect then the count is zero or less. You have to do some debugging to find out why this number is zero or less. To start off, print the number. Since it's not redirecting, my guess is that the number is zero, but you should check to make sure. Once you have verified that the number is actually zero then that's clear evidence that the database table does not have any rows that match your query. Maybe there's something wring with your query. The query has two inputs, $user_name and $password. Print out both their values, then check the database table for yourself using phpMyAdmin or similar software to see if there is a row that contains both of those values. There are two possibilities: The values you passed into the query are wrong or the database actually does not contain that data. I can't tell you why the code is not working, but I've just told you how you can find out.
  8. Is It a Case of Bubbling?

    The main issue is the animation. If you eliminate the animation, you're eliminating the window of time in which the user can move the mouse over to a different element. It's a design flaw to have content that changes the location of elements on mouseover and mouseout events because it makes it difficult for the user to reach elements they want to get to. Whenever anything causes elements to shift around, it's always better to use click events for it so that any rearrangement that occurs was intended by the user.
  9. Run Script Loaded by $.getScript( ) on Get

    No, that wouldn't work. The function needs a name if you want to use it like that, and there's no guarantee that the file has been parsed yet when the callback is executed. If you want to go with the anonymous function, have it executed as soon as its declared like this: (function() { // Function content })(); // Executed immediately. // Load the external file, it runs on its own so nothing else needs to be done $.getScript('data.js'); I don't really get the point of loading a separate file containing Javascript, though. It's better to just load a script file containing all the functions when the page loads using a <script> tag and then call those functions by name whenever they're needed.
  10. Range Slider Color

    There's nothing that works in all browsers. There are a few non-standard selectors: Firefox has ::-moz-range-progress, Internet Explorer has ::-ms-fill-lower. There's no equivalent in other browsers. If you want a slider that works well in all browsers you'll have to build it from scratch using Javascript.
  11. header function not functioning

    The rowCount() method usually only tells you how many rows were updated or deleted in the most recent query. See details here: http://php.net/manual/en/pdostatement.rowcount.php If you want to check that there were any results, you should use the fetch() method. Since all you're doing is checking that a row exists, it is inefficient to select *, because that's pulling all of the data in the row, which you don't need. Instead you should count the rows. // Count rows where the user exists $ck=$flash->prepare("SELECT COUNT(*) AS `amount` FROM `data` WHERE `user`=:user_name AND `password`=:password "); $ck->bindParam(':user_name',$user_name); $ck->bindParam(':password',$password); $ck->execute(); $row = $cf->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); if($row['amount'] > 0) { header('Location: http://www.example.com/'); }
  12. An <audio> element just holds one single audio file. There may be a Javascript program that's changing which file the element plays, but I'm not seeing it in the code you showed. There are variables and functions that have not been declared, so this is clearly not all the code. I can't give any help without seeing all the code related to the sound player.
  13. class circle not working

    In what way is it not working? What is the expected result and what is the result you actually got?
  14. About font awesome

    My interpretation of that would be that Tor actually lacks support for web fonts and is, therefore, not following standards.
  15. Have you checked to see what the contents of the dataString variable look like? var dataString = JSON.stringify(name,email,mobile); I don't think it translates into the POST variables you're expecting.