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  1. Ingolme

    = vs like

    If the string is not exactly 30 characters long, use VARCHAR instead of CHAR. CHAR adds additional null bytes as padding if the string is not long enough for the field.
  2. Ingolme

    = vs like

    The semi-colon will not break the query, it will simply be ignored. The = operator will only return a row if the entire field exactly matches what is being searched. If you want to find rows that contain the search string along with more content then you must use the LIKE operator. If you think the fields do match exactly, make sure that they don't actually have spaces, tabs or other invisible characters that might be interfering with the search.
  3. Ingolme

    session_start(): cannot send session cache limiter

    According to the error message, output started on line 1. It could be that your file is encoded as UTF-8 with a Byte-Order Mark (BOM). The BOM are three bytes that appear at the beginning of the file and may be invisible in your editor. To make sure this does not happen, open the file in a code editor and make sure that the encoding of the file is UTF-8 without a BOM.
  4. Ingolme

    knowing what is the hex number

    Every meaningful sequence of symbols comes from a source that should have documentation that describes how to interpret the symbols in the sequence. If you have a meaningless sequence of symbols, no meaningful information can come from it.
  5. Ingolme

    knowing what is the hex number

    Breaking a long sequence of bytes into pieces is merely for the convenience of reading it easier, the computer does not know or care where you think they should be separated, it just reads the entire sequence. The only way to find out how the digits should be separated is if you can tell us where you found the sequence so that we may find documentation that describes how it should be interpreted.
  6. Ingolme

    Links behind DIV don't work on iOS

    I don't see any code here that would make the link go behind a div.
  7. Ingolme

    iframe custom scrollbar

    Any custom scrollbar will also work in an iframe. Just apply the custom scrollbar code to the body element of the document that is in the iframe.
  8. The logic is pretty simple and can be done easily with prepared statements. There are many ways to do it, here is one of them: <?php $username = $_POST['username']; $password = $_POST['password']; // Database connection logic. See documentation: // http://php.net/manual/en/pdo.construct.php // $pdo = new PDO(...) $query = $pdo->prepare('SELECT `hashed_password` FROM `users` WHERE `username` = :username LIMIT 1'); $query->bindParam(':username', $username); $query->execute(); $query->bindColumn('hashed_password', $hashed_password); if($query->fetch(PDO::FETCH_BOUND)) { if(password_verify($password, $hashed_password)) { echo 'User is logged in'; } else { echo 'Wrong username or password'; } } else { echo 'Wrong username or password'; }
  9. Ingolme

    Form validation help (regex and PHP)

    You don't need a keydown event to change styles. With Javascript you can change styles at any time. Seeing as it's using the jQuery version of Javascript's trim() method, the trim statement you provided earlier should be working. Looking closer, the issue seems to be that you mistyped your variable name. You've added an extra "L" to $email. // ↓ $emaill.css({"border-color":"red"}); // ↑ Whenever you come across an issue, try to look for typing mistakes first. Carefully analyze your code. If you don't find anything, then start printing out all the values as the program is running to see whether they are correct.
  10. Ingolme


    Managing a blockchain is very expensive. One of the fundamental properties of blockchain technology, proof of work, requires wasting a whole lot of energy just to calculate meaningless numbers. Finding hashes for each block is taking a lot of energy and the more blocks you add to the chain the more expensive it becomes to calculate new hashes, this energy is not free. Last year, the amount of energy used for bitcoin mining surpassed the entire energy usage of some small countries and bitcoin is not exactly mainstream. If blockchain technology becomes mainstream it is going to end up becoming too expensive to maintain. Blockchain transactions will end up costing more money than doing the same transactions through a centralized agency.
  11. Ingolme

    Form validation help (regex and PHP)

    Could you explain what kind of result you're expecting from this statement? I can't tell you how to fix it if I don't know what it is supposed to do. (regex1.test($prenom.val())==true).onkeydown The trim() method belongs to the String object, it works like this: var x = " String "; x = x.trim(); It doesn't matter where you get the string, but you have to call the trim() method on the string itself.
  12. Ingolme

    setting page break

    To add a page break, use the page-break-after rule. To select every fourth row, use the :nth-child selector with the formula 4n
  13. Ingolme

    Code for a box in a post

    There has to be a <link> tag in your document and that tag needs to have the correct URL for your stylesheet.
  14. Ingolme


    It's not an important new technology. It's the basis for cryptocurrencies. I'd actually label it a fad and I hope it dies quickly, the amount of energy used by people trying to exploit blockchains is alarming. If you want a clear computer science perspective on block chains, watch this video:
  15. Ingolme

    Form validation help (regex and PHP)

    Your problem is here: var $prenom = $('#prenom'); var regex1 = /[^\d\W]{2,20}[\-\s\']{0,1}/i; if($prenom != regex1){ You can't just compare a jQuery object to a regular expression. You have to get the field's value out of the object and then apply the regular expression using methods like match(), test() or exec(). You should be doing validation in PHP as well. Javascript validation is optional, PHP validation is necessary. If you only do validation in Javascript, people can bypass it easily. Should the last name be required? That's up to you, you design the requirements for your own software. If you don't mind not having a last name, you can choose to only validate it when it is not empty.