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  1. I just tried in Chrome and it works but Firefox reports an error. This is weird that this is browser independent. Mind= blown.
  2. The problem in using a style sheet someone else created (bootstrap) and then adding your own styles is conflicting rules due to the duplication of rule names. You can avoid creating a convoluted mess by not using bootstrap at all.
  3. My personal opinion is you should write your own code and not use bootstrap, however; Try removing ALL external dependencies and chopping your code down as small as possible so you are left with one example of what you want to achieve. Then, if you need to, reintroduce the external dependencies one file at a time to see what breaks.
  4. No. CSS is essential and even though it's rather simple, it's still an integral part of web design. CSS is getting a little more complicated these days with different functions for both layout and animation. I would learn as much as possible. Avoiding inline CSS How to make fluid layouts How to make screen size independent layouts How to combine fluid layouts with screen size independent layouts How to make style rules universal across the design so you write less code How to serve style information as quickly as possible by all critical/shared style rules in one separate file There's plenty to learn.
  5. There are many misconceptions about server configuration and security in .htaccess files and information online seems sporadic at best. I think a section on that would help immensely and could possibly become to the go to resource for the web if it is strictly monitored.
  6. With CSS, setting the background colour of the page can be approached in 3 different ways. Choose one below; /* Makes all backgrounds white */ * {background:#fff;} html {background:#fff;} body {background:#fff;} You can override this setting on subsequent elements with subsequent styling rules.
  7. This maybe unhelpful but it is one of the reasons why I make all my own icons. I don't want to have to rely on 3rd party code because it opens up vulnerabilities in your website.
  8. Whether I agree with you or not, this isn't a place for politics, it's a place of learning and you should feel privileged that you are able to join a place such as this which offers FREE advice! I suspect your "blacklisting" of this redound website will have zero effect on its future. Goodbye!
  9. Overall your website looks very professional and loads quickly. The only thing I'm not keen on is the bunching together of 3 elements across the width of the page. I'd reduce the amount of text and add some padding so there's a clear gap between each element and possibly even add a border around the elements, maybe with rounded corners for a bit of extra style. Example image attached of issue. Other things I noticed is the blurriness of images in the horizontal slideshow. I'm running a desktop @ 1920 X 1080 and it doesn't look good. You may say that most people will be visiting on laptop, tablet or mobile and you may be right but you have to cater for everyone. I'd keep the original dimensions of the images or serve larger images and resize them according to screen width. One last thing at a glance is there is a lack of hover styles on buttons. It would be nice to have some button feedback.
  10. JS Fiddle is great for experimenting I modified your code and came up with something a bit nicer. Try to avoid using inline CSS. It doesn't work well with fluid websites. Edit. Also try to reuse as much code as you can to minimize the page size and make things easier for development. Try this: https://jsfiddle.net/vc9p7twk/
  11. Same here but pretty remedial stuff with lots of online examples.
  12. No one will be willing to answer this question due to the massive amount of code you have posted which includes many scripts and dependencies. An easier option would be to point to a website with a working drop-down function similar to what you want to achieve. If you do this a coding example can be provided.
  13. The problem is with the content "\f106" try using a CSS created arrow instead then you will be sure it will show up on all devices. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/tryit.asp?filename=tryhow_css_arrows
  14. I missed this, should have posted here first. Hello, I'm Steven. A web developer currently working on a free to join business listing service for the UK.
  15. If it's a global edit any inline styles will override any external style sheets. <div style="color:white;" id="tuscaloosa-river-market-vendors"></div>
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