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  1. If using Dreamweaver don't use its inbuilt browser view, always view in an actual browser on a local server.
  2. If you access the php localhost FROM taskbar (wamp->php->localhost (I think)) page and look for php.ini, it will identify the used file location. You can also add phpinfo() to a php page.
  3. I would say that it is a custom select dropdown, possibly using ul listing not a true select dropdown, therefore you have to check the custom dropdown styling using the browsers own web developer tools.
  4. Or you could try replacing that div as the anchor element instead, using the classes the div was using, it depends on how it was styled but it could possibly give desired result.
  5. Instead of wrapping img tag with anchor, try wrapping the div container with class "card-image-wrap".
  6. "Hello, all. I'm a GIS guy" What? Guy In Speedo's
  7. The anchor tag just needs to wrap the img tag and MUST HAVE a href attribute with image path else it just acts a normal element and does nothing towards linking to your file.
  8. Either try max-height as a percentage value. Or use media queries to set height depending on device size.
  9. Responsiveness is controlled by media queries controlling container element widths and inner child elements that use a unit such as percentage instead of fixed unit such as px.
  10. dsonesuk

    Responsive 5 columns?

    5 even column, make first and and last size s1 the rest s2, give w3-row a minus margin left and right the size of column s1 and maybe any margin widths on columns. The first and last will be spacer columns, the minus left and right margins will make the spacer column extend beyond w3-row boundary, causing the 5 column fill the total width of w3-row.
  11. That is because they are growing in height proportionately, you would have to set a max-height of the original height. But! Remember the images will now be proportionately incorrect.
  12. Any relative path links to css, images etc May not work as it is to specific directory and therefore relative path is broken.
  13. All those div must be together and use property position: absolute; without this, top, left property will not work. Once these are set correctly they should appear overlapping each over. Now all you have to do is make the related logo appear when the specific image shows, very much like how the indicator button highlights works when specific image shows.
  14. carousel-inner holds all images, is the width of total images and slides the width of image with outer container being a frame to show the image that is sliding to. You need to place it along with indicator and navigation controls, as the are fixed to frame.
  15. I've seen this before, Edge does not, or did not support 'event.target.matches' it uses a specific Edge code instead of .matches. Found it http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/topic/56627-how-i-use-this-script-for-2-functions-same-works/?tab=comments#comment-311543
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