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  1. dsonesuk

    Columns positioning

    As far as I can make out reading the post made, he wants the opposite.
  2. Now try to change thickness of underline. Go on try.
  3. No matter how many times you ask the same question, the answer is always going to be YOU CAN'T!
  4. https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_form_url_email.asp
  5. All the required parameters in mail() are filled (To, Subject, Message). It does not matter if any field form input is empty or wrong, it does not know that! If these have anything the mail is sent. You have to validate all the data before its allowed to get to mail() function.
  6. IF the menu is manually added to each page, you just add active class to the element you want to highlight , else you have to use server language or javascript.
  7. Yes! I know that! But! That is what anyone new to these pseudo classes, expect it to do, hence Hence It's not the easiest pseudo class to see or a activate, the chances are that if it exists, it's more than likely never noticed by the majority.
  8. No! because visited works! With :active , people expect it to highlight and remain highlighted to current page, not when you just hold the mouse button down for a short time, that is why a class of .active is added, to highlight link/menu to current page.
  9. As far as I can make it should work? But it could be a cache problem in that it's still using the old form from cache, suggest you clear history especially form in browser. Then run again.
  10. :active has never worked as expected, less so when it was said it was a security risk in that it could be used to track where you have been. You would have to look at current url in browser address bar, strip it down to last text after the last slash and then match it to the url in href, if identical add class 'active'. This can be done either by server script such as PHP, or client script javascript/jquery.
  11. You need to find out what, where the header code is inserted, add your code, then use condition to force it to show the code only on specific pages or post.
  12. </pre> <table> var child = myImgs.children; //alert(child.src); myImgs.insertBefore(child[0],child[child.length-1]); myImgs.removeChild(child.length-1); } </table> <p> </p><p
  13. I think you have to work from the last child instead of first
  14. vLeftButton, IconL, leftAction(), hmmm wonder why it does not work for right? A real puzzler this one.
  15. There is a sql function CASE that works similar to if else https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_case.asp
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