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  1. dsonesuk

    youtube example about Grid

    Yes! but as mentioned before, the long worded string of text is breaking the 5fr 2fr proportional condition, its more like '3fr 4fr' because the column is expanding to accommodate the long text. You could use css to break and hyphenate the long worded text which would bring it back to the correct proportional column settings it was supposed to be.
  2. dsonesuk

    Controlling a Column Width

    Depends on how the width of table and its cells are setup. If the cell width is wider than fixed width element it won't adjust to width of that fixed width element, in that case wouldn't it be better to adjust injected element to fill the width of cell instead. https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=FY5L17OFVQXV
  3. dsonesuk

    static data fill on webpage load

    That's what onload should do? you tell it to call a function, that function would go through the textboxes by singular id, or loop through multiple textboxes by class names for example and updates the values to required value.
  4. dsonesuk

    Controlling a Column Width

  5. dsonesuk

    youtube example about Grid

    I don't understand?, the number of references to grid names refers to total number used in '1fr 5fr 2fr 1 fr' of 4, meaning it will occupy the length of those 4 columns whose column widths is proportional to 1, 5, 2, 1 of total parent width, in this case the body element. The '1, 3' used with 2nd column whose proportional length is 5, will fill that column proportionally with 1 (1/4) for image, 3 (3/4) for title and content. Unless your simply possibly referring to default browser body margin? Making not fill total browser width.
  6. dsonesuk

    Controlling a Column Width

    Span is inline, inline element don't act upon width or height unless converted to block element.
  7. dsonesuk

    youtube example about Grid

    That's the default action on using max-width: with a image, it will expand to its original size and not beyond, you need to use width: 100%; height: auto; to expand proportionately or width: 100%; height: 100%; to fill the area available to it.
  8. dsonesuk

    Grid Layout: place-self

    Its still relatively new with a update this month, so until its has more support maybe they decided not to show it within the tutorial.
  9. dsonesuk

    youtube example about Grid

    Then give us a clue what the specific problem is, were not mind readers. It won't look exactly like youtube because it is working to a narrower viewport width, you are using 1fr 5fr compared to 1fr 3fr, he's using different fonts using css variables. If you can't add pdf, then try using what everyone else uses and what it mentions using, a IMAGE.
  10. dsonesuk

    youtube example about Grid

    IF! You are talking about column widths of column main and aside, its probably due the excessively long worded text in aside element, so it accommodates to the width of this text and not the column width set by using grid layout. What pdf? Some editors have Latin generates built in or you can download or use a online generator.
  11. Ajax is dependant on JavaScript and a server script language, jQuery is a JavaScript library that provides cross browser oddities support (mainly IE, Edge), but! It can easily be done using vanilla JavaScript on its own.
  12. dsonesuk

    Need Two Slideshows — Both with Arrow and Dots

    There is a reason why that code is placed at the bottom! It requires ALL elements along with id/class name references to exist before it processes these elements for what is required for these sideshows to work, OR use JavaScript/jQuery load/ready function to initiate the code once the page is fully rendered. It also requires the use of arguments sent along with the calling of its functions to be correct, which are manually done. At present, as the page loads from top to bottom it runs the code, but none of the elements it need to access exists, so it fails to do anything.
  13. dsonesuk

    text not submitting

    You need a name attribute value, NO value means there won't be any identifier to retrieve the value. All form inputs, submit, textarea, select etc require name attribute value
  14. dsonesuk

    equation solver

    You loop through values that can be divided into both without a remainder storing both in individual arrays from lowest value (65), then loop through both arrays from highest till match is found then break loop, that will be gcd(5). The remaining value can be retrieved by dividing 210 / 5 = 42 65 / 5 = 13
  15. dsonesuk

    Drop Down Panel

    One of those gremlins has replaced '$' with '&' &(document).ready(function(){ You got to watch out for those little blighter's.