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  1. change column names of a table

    Use ALTER, its described here https://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/62051/alter-table-rename-a-column
  2. loop input for each string

    IF you don't have a predefined number of inputs to fill. You need to on each loop create a input type text, and give each a attribute name and maybe id, that will use the index parameter to give different unique values for each, then append, insert onto page.
  3. z-index despite position: relative not working?

    Because the child elements z-index level can only be in relation to other sibling elements within the parent, the parent container z-index can only be relative to elements of same sibling level. Therefore you will need to create a sibling (NOT element that surrounds these siblings) child element (using position: absolute;), that will fill the area of the parent and apply a higher z-index level higher than its siblings.
  4. You can have multiple elements with same class name, so it is done as document.getElementsByClassName("prev") , you also have to use a index ref which starts at 0, so it should be as document.getElementsByClassName("prev")[0].style.display = "none" Since you only have one of each. You should use an if else condition for each, this is what you are trying to achieve: if slideIndex (maybe include greater than, and) equal to slide length hide 'next', else show if slideIndex (maybe include less than, and) equal to 1, hide 'prev' else show
  5. How to have an inline form centered and responsive

    To centre an inline element its parent container must be the full width of available space with text-align: center; if you use float on parent, the parent container will collapse to width of content i.e inputs and text to the left or right depending which float is used. It is still centred, but is restricted to the collapsed width of parent. To be responsive you can't use size attribute on its own, you need to use css width with percentage value, with min-width: of 300px (small 320px mobile width minus padding etc). Normally when it gets down to small width devices, the display: inline-block elements are changed to display: block; using media queries, so they will stack above each other.
  6. radio buttons checked..how to

    Instead of finding each occurrence of class and replace with another, loop through using .each() and using index of each function (check jquery for example reference), apply this index to value of name attribute so it becomes name="form0[][price_show]" name="form0[][price_show]" name="form1[][price_show]" name="form1[][price_show]" for radio button grouping related to specific service
  7. side nav with menu icon?

    Learn about responsive layout with media queries https://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_mediaqueries.asp
  8. radio buttons checked..how to

    A radio button with same group attribute name value, can only have one selection at a time. checkbox can have multiple, also you have duplicate identical id reference showing.
  9. side nav with menu icon?

    That is a sprite image, it removes the need to load images individually. It loads all in one go and prevents delay in the other image showing when required, then its just a matter of positioning the background image to show required image. The change from desktop to other device width is controlled by css media queries, when a set device width is reached, the layout is changed to accommodate device width.
  10. magento issues

    You should really go to Magneto forum for this, check out https://community.magento.com/t5/PWA-Theming-Layout-Design/Theme-not-showing/td-p/32982
  11. HTML Email - Whites Space - HELP !!!

    Are you sure it is not part of mailchimp layout code not seen that, that is used to add for example: unsubscribe text and link option? From what I remember, you have the content area, and a footer area, I can't remember a header area though, but if they wanted to balance top and bottom areas, the might be a header section as well.
  12. Can someone explain this parameter please?

    The function runs with a parameter representing the range of what will be a random rounded down number from 0 to 2, with 2 representing the max (range). This value is returned and will be the value passed to 'survival' variable. This variable value can then be processed depending on value, in the if and else conditions.
  13. W3 Schools AJAX / PHP tutorial doesn't work

    It should be Response.Write, but since I can actually read the asp file, there is something else going on as well, as I should not be able to see such coding.
  14. Header width does not match body width

    (1)The <title>...</title> should be between <head>...</head> not <header>...</header>.... <header>...</header> should only be placed in <body>...</body>, and should replace the div with class 'header' (2) <div class+"content"> should be <div class="content"> In its current state, it would be impossible to give a viable solution as incorrect usage of elements could affect the true outcome. Validate your html at https://validator.w3.org/
  15. How to place a menu in the center of a row?

    You are moving an element 50% left, it will overflow the boundary of the container, if the screen is made smaller scrollbars will show. Overflow: hidden prevents it.