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  1. Thanks for the response. You're right, it looks like "skype:#screenname#?call" and "gtalk:call?jid=#google email#" don't work without the screenname/email either.
  2. I know mobile phone browsers have this feature but is it possible for desktop computers? For example, I have a large excel file in skydrive full of phone numbers and instead of manually dialing the numbers I want to click the numbers to open skype or gmail's call phone feature and automatically call the number.
  3. When I try to run this update query in ms access 2007 I get an error box message that says "Data type mismatch in criteria expression". I know the problem is at the end around replace(property.[park city]," ","")=replace(locations2011.city," ",""). But I checked the data types for all the related columns, which is text, and they all match for both tables. If I put quotes around property.[park city] or remove the replace function from it, the query will run but obviously not how I want it to. I've tested this code with a smaller table and it works so what's the problem? UPDATE property, locations2011 SET property.county = locations2011.countyWHERE property.county Is Null And property.[park state]=locations2011.state And replace(property.[park city]," ","")=replace(locations2011.city," ",""); I know I can just remove all the spaces from the property table with ctrl+h replace all but I'd rather leave the data that's already there alone if possible.
  4. Thanks but I figured it out. I had to change the column type to text then increase the field size then change to column back to hyperlink type. Strange how there is no field size option for hyperlinks.
  5. If I change the column type to text then back to hyperlink it works, but the link will get cut off since text type columns can only hold so much. Maybe the links are just too long, is there a way to force the column to accept large links? or shorten links bitwise without losing data?
  6. I made an update query that generates a google maps url link in a hyperlink type column based on the address in other columns. When I click on the generated link it works and opens my browser to the address in google maps but after I close & reopen access it doesn't work anymore even after using the query again, it acts like normal text but the url is underlined and the pointy finger shows. I'm guessing the function that determines if a string is a url is looking at the code instead of the result of the code . I am using access 2007 btw. UPDATE Property SET Property.Notes = "https://maps.google.com/maps?q="+Replace(Nz([Park Address],"Address")," ","+")+",+"+Replace(Nz([Park City],"City")," ","+")+",+"+Replace(Nz([Park State],"State")," ","+")+",+"+Replace(Nz([Park Zip],"")," ","+");
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