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    Database making

    Here's my Dellemma is this. I'm making a place where if you press a button it displays certain info in a dynamic box. also, if you press another button it displays a different set of info in the same Dynamic box. I don't wish to use XML and I know there's a way to just get it from a txt extension, I just don't know how. this data must be acessable by server sided data, or so I wish it to be.
  2. Actually I think I figured it out... I used a <div> with a Scroll option... that pretty much did the trick... Thanks anyways... even though I figured it out ;
  3. Thanks so much! (and since I'm sure you're an anime fan, as seen on your sig "Otaku for life", come visit us too... the forum is down right now but our website is www.rei-chan.net/senshicon)I'll relay the information to the forum administrator.
  4. I'd say goto Newgrounds for those and type Game Tutorial in search bar
  5. I need to know if there's a way to export a MySQL Database to your computer and back to a forum to use as a backup file?Here we go...The forum I belong to keeps going down and we want to make a backup file of sign in names, messages, PM's and everything. the whole thing is phpbb and MySQL. there is no mods for it. anyone have an idea?I also need to know how to re-import it.
  6. Like I said, Snagit and vector it... it's a great tool
  7. Hey sorry about the late reply I was supposed to get a message when this was replired to... but never did. or maybe it was, idk. anyways, I'd like the dimensions to fit right under the Red tab area (where it says news update and it shows a guy named joseph.)The dimensions are 850x700 pixles. Actually I'd prefer it 700x700 instead though
  8. yes, I would... the complete flash website I thinks kinda is over kill and I thought maybe some more Html would run it smoother... also, if possible I'd like to make it easy to update it too... due to it being news/updates
  9. Is there a way to do this? or does no one want to answer me
  10. Try using Snagit! it's a really decent program to use for that stuff.
  11. you might not be able to do that... what you can try is get a desktop image grabbing program, like snagit! and type it in the font you want on like word2004 or somethin' then grab it and vector it. what that does is makes it really time consuming, but if it's what you really want then it's worth it
  12. is this what you want?http://lachupathingy.bravehost.comIf so:what you want to do is once you put the flash on a html page you want to name that file index.htm (example: www.website.com/index.htm) your website should automatically goto that first, then all you have to do is make it so the flash knows to goto whatever you name your main page under (i name mine index2.htm) and you gotta do that in AS.
  13. ok here's my delemma: My site is completely flash based, but that's all I know. I know a good deal of html, but not the information I need lol. I would like to know how to make like a news update within a scroll box. I don't want people to see the borders of the scoll box, and I want it to only be read only. I also want to make the scroll be able to fit the theme of my website. for a reference to my website, go to http://lachupathingy.bravehost.com/index.htm or http://lachupathingy.bravehost.com/index2.htm to skip the intro movie... now once you go there you see that the news and update is a flash movie... I want to change all that information to flash. can anyone help? Thank you for your time,Miroku
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