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  1. Hmm, now I understand. Those are some pretty good examples for "Just some guy" lol. Thanks guys, I'm interested in both but you guys helped me understand why I should stick. Now the only problem is that I need to decide which one, lol.
  2. I understand that it's better to pick on thing. But it's also good to know a little bit of everything so you don't have to depend on someone else. I know this from my own experience. My cousin is a designer, not a developer, he was making a site for my dad. I could have made it, but he's professional. My dad payed him a good amount of money and now he's delaying the job because he's dependent on another guy and my dad is happy. I've also looked through many web designers and developers portfolios, they can do both very well. So this is why I want to learn and master both. I know it'll be hard
  3. As you grow older, your learning capacity decreases. I want to become a good web designer/developer but they I want to know which should I learn first. I already know intermediate HTML and CSS and basic-intermediate photoshop. To create good looking sites, photoshop is a very good tool. That's the design part (slicing). And the development part (coding) I already have a good idea of but still haven't mastered it yet, and also is necessary to make a site. The question is, which should I focus on first. I know the answer is both. But my problem is that I can't focus on two things at once and it
  4. HTML: <div id="content" > </div> CSS: #content { background-image:url(bg.jpg); width: 851px; height: 100%; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; padding-top: 10px; } That's not the whole code but I just want to make sure it's right. I had the bg.jpg in images folder, but since it was not working, I tried putting it in the root and in still doesn't work. I even tried using the html tag for background image but that didn't even work, I made sure the background image name and the extension was correct too.I also tried adding an actual height and a test paragraph and image inside
  5. Thank You, very helpful. The site is on hold right now.
  6. Is the table the problem? I'm now removing it and using lists to make the navigation. Thanks guys.
  7. Can someone help me, plz?
  8. See original post for updated code please.
  9. I need to know how to put these two images on the sides of the header I can use float:left or right. It doesn't work. instead it comes under the nav bar.
  10. Yes, that's how I want it, but that site is a lot more complicated them mines. Can you show me briefly how to do it?
  11. I need to know how to put these two images on the sides of the header. I can use float:left or right. It doesn't work. instead it comes under the nav bar. See my CSS and HTML codes (in original post)
  12. Thanks, it worked! I updated the code more (see original post). And a few more things that I need to know. Will post the screen shots when I am done.
  13. Hello Ambi!I would recommend you to learn HTML and CSS also. Those are like baby steps to learning about web design. Then you can learn more complex stuff like Dierdre's Dad said.
  14. Wow, thanks. It worked! Now how do I change the links to bold?
  15. This dude is really helpful! :D

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