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  1. So is bgcolor, align, valign, width, height, border, cellpadding, cellspacing etc :)Everything can be done with CSS. I mean, everything.
  2. The whole point of the head tags is that it's information that is processed but not directly shown on the page body itself. Why do you even want to?
  3. Jlhaslip is right: tables are horrible and should only be used when showing.. well, a table.Plus, you seem to have missed off several semicolons in your css code, and "valign" is invalid XHTMl, and the class "width40" is a very non-semantic name :)Just remember, design for firefox, botch for IE.
  4. You can use php, asp, asp.net, flash, perl, anything. Just go on hotscripts.comThey usually have some nice pre-made scripts, and if you understand the language they're written in, it's quite easy to strip it all and edit it to your liking.And as for ryusuke, with PHP, ASPjpeg/ASPimage and asp.net, you can get your script to automatically generate thumbnails. Asp.net is best for that, actually.Plus, why's the photo a gif?
  5. Tables and spacer gifs? Hmmm... how about, you don't?I've noticed some problems. First, it's not valid XHTML. In your image tags, you've put align, width and height, along with emitting the title property.Plus, on the wall tank one, you've written hieght not height.I didn't see the page before you added that extra BR, but i've noticed that you've labeled both your div and anchor tags with the class "tab". Two elements inside each other don't need the same tag. Plus, you've set "tab" to being display:inline. That may explain why it's messing up.You've used width="" and height="" a lot in that p
  6. For me it says "No Referer header found!"Because that would suggest that your website is not configered properly. The XHTML validator doesn't really check your javascript as such..
  7. Yeah, true. XHTML is hardly a new language, it's just remembering to put alt="" title="" etc
  8. Ah well, thanks anyway (to aspnetguy). Oh, and how could you use a where statement when you haven't selected it.. ?ThanksMatt
  9. Hi,I've PMed it to you as I don't particularly want to post my database URI to the public :)Many thanks,Matt
  10. Hey, thanks for the help but no- It doesn't correctly group them now..Compare: http://www.naiveamoeba.co.uk/song/stats.asp to http://www.naiveamoeba.co.uk/song/stats.asp?timespan=dayThe second is with the new SQL stringCheers, Matt
  11. Hi,I have this SQL (it's going with ASP and an access database):sql = "SELECT artist, count(artist) AS artist_count, [date] FROM song GROUP BY artist WHERE [date] > " & DateAdd("ww", -1, Date) & " ORDER BY count(artist) DESC"And my DB schema is song(id,artist,song,date,time).I want it to group all rows with a certain artist and count how many occurances there are, but only if the date is logged in the past week. Without the [date] selection and WHERE clause, it works perfectly fine, but selecting [date] along with the other two returns: "You tried to execute a query that does not in
  12. Zeehond, thankyou very much. It works nicely now :)Thanks to everyone else too, i appreciate it.
  13. Just tried that, comes out with the same thing.. so i'm guessing * and _ are the same.Thanks anyway.
  14. They kinda go hand in hand, so i'd learn both at the same time.Or if you really can't do that, CSS first.
  15. <head><style type="text/css">a {background: white;}a:hover {background: red;}<style></head><body><a href="#">Some example text</a></body> Actually, that only changes the background of the text. If you want to change the body's background then sorry, I don't know; you'd probably need to use javascript which would be hideous to your standards.
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