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  1. Those of you who have extensively used Opera have probably noticed that it doesn't cooperate with some heavily javascript driven websites. It's rare that it occurs, but it is often enough that it puzzles me. In coding my website from scratch, I do not remember encountering one instance where Opera was not compatible with the JS code I wrote. Are these incompatible website a result of non-standards-compliant code or is Opera actually incompatible with certain JS features or maybe browser "discrimination"?
  2. lol, I was just going to link to that same project!
  3. Excellent work, Chris. I'm very impressed with your site. It is clean and well laid out. The quote form is very attractively made.
  4. I'm using quite a bit of CSS3. IMO, it is a great thing to enhance your website with CSS3. There are some very cool features that I just love (and are being supported quite well). If websites make good use of CSS3, computer users will really see how worth-it it was when they upgrade to a new browser (from IE 8 or below). However, just because it is new doesn't make it necessarily better. I've seen websites abuse CSS3. But most CSS3 uses these days are creative and attractive. Here are comparison screenshots of my website on a CSS3 browser (Opera) and a non-CSS3 browser (IE 7):http://www.cyberstream.us/uploads/split-view.jpgTake note of the rounded corners and CSS3 RGBa background colors.
  5. Beware of outdated javascript websites. There are tons of 'em out there. If you see <script Language=Javascript> or something about Netscape compatibility issues, RUN!
  6. Fmdpa


    I'm not sure if this is illegal in HTML, but the first thing I noticed was that you didn't have a space between class="thumbnail" and the subsequent "style" attribute. HTML: <div id="1" class="thumbnail"style="left:0px;top:30">...</div> => <div id="1" class="thumbnail" style="left:0px;top:30">...</div> Also, your JS code is very repetitive and hard to read (even when indented). Wouldn't it be easier to select all of the .thumbnail elements and then loop through the nodelist, animating each element as it is iterated over?
  7. Welcome to the forum!Yes, JS can be confusing to learn, but it is becoming one of my favorite languages as I become more familiar with it. There are so many cool tricks and many practical applications for it.
  8. I don't need cross-browser compatibility for this application, but the knowledge may be useful for the future. Thanks for the reply MrFish!
  9. How do I insert text at the insertion point in a textarea or input?
  10. Yes, CSS3 is a revision of CSS2.1 so it includes most (if not all) CSS2.1 features and adds the CSS3 features.
  11. Fmdpa

    PHP Tutorial

    Something could be done with regex in the PHP tutorial similar to how SQL was included in the PHP tutorial. It could give a basic intro to RegEx and how to implement it within PHP. Then there could be a more in-depth standalone tutorial.
  12. Aha: this may be the solution https://developer.mozilla.org/En/DOM/Text.splitText
  13. I think there was a misunderstanding (not that I don't appreciate your help!). Here's what I want to do: "<b>the <i>text</i> value of this b element node</b>" // search for 'value' with the regex [b]/value/i[/b]. If it is found, wrap it in <u> tags =>"<b>the <i>text</i> <u>value</u> of this b element node</b>" I have a feeling the solution may utilize the search(), substr(), match(), cloneNode(), replaceChild(), createElement(), createTextNode() methods and possibly others.
  14. JSYK, I'm using this only for a new browser so I don't have to worry about old JS incompatibility issues. I know you are quite familiar with JS methods so if you know of one that might do what I'm needing to do (even if it isn't supported in older browsers), I would love to hear about it. I'm beginning to think the solution might not even include the replace() method...
  15. Is there a way to surround matched text with tags? If I create the element, I don't know where to append it unless I get the position of the match (in the .replace() call).
  16. Then this page should be corrected.
  17. Now I've got another problem with the JS replace() function. I want to replace the matched text (with the regex in the first arg) with the text surrounded by a set of tags. e.g. regex = new RegExp('(' + whitelist.join('|') + ')', 'ig');thisNode.nodeValue = thisNode.nodeValue.replace(regex, function(replaced) { '<b>' + replaced + '</b>' }); Of course, this replaces doesn't actually create an element node. How could I do that?
  18. I'm stumped on how to create a regex dynamically. I can't use "+" to concatenate a variable onto the regex because "+" is a metacharacter within a regex. And, to my knowledge, I can't terminate a regex like you can with a string by closing a quote. Is it possible?
  19. I don't know a website right now, but once you read about XHTML/HTML5 and CSS2/CSS3 the differences become obvious. To briefly summarize, XHTML is HTML written in strict XML semantics (closed tags, quoted attributes, etc.). HTML doesn't require you to close your tags or quote your attributes. HTML5 added some cool features to HTML that make HTML interact more with the browser's behavior.CSS3 is simply the most recent CSS standard. The W3Schools' CSS3 tutorial briefly outlines the CSS3 features very well.
  20. "PST" is not a valid timezone identifier. A complete list is here.
  21. Fmdpa


    I haven't really looked into Python, but I know that Ruby would beat PHP into the dust if PHP didn't have the advantage of simple deployment and widespread support on servers. Ruby, although much more concise, is slightly harder to deploy and isn't supported on as many web servers. AFAIK, Python also promotes readable code as does Ruby.
  22. I have been very satisfied with InMotionHosting (here's the link with my referral code if you decide to register). They have fairly competitive prices and fabulous customer service (which is important for web hosts). I've utilized Live Chat many-a-time and solved my problem. If your website started getting masses of visitors (like thousands per day), then Media Temple is probably best. It is the host of choice for numerous large websites. Of course the speed and features come with a much larger price, so you wouldn't want to start with it.
  23. I don't think this has to do with web servers. AFAIK, the web browser will automatically attempt to correct the URL if it has extra slashes. However, older browsers may not have this extra feature. In that case, I'm not sure how you'd correct it on the server side....
  24. Whenever the page is viewed, you need to insert the user's IP ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) and the name of the page into the database. Then you can find out how many unique visitors you've had with this SQL query: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT ip) FROM visitors WHERE page = '/pagename.php' On my website, I've gone further and also logged the user's browser ($_SERVER['USER_AGENT']), referrer (the page they came from, $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] (sic)), and location. You can do these things with Google Analytics, but I wanted to figure out how to do it with PHP.
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