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  1. Hello friends... need help desperatelyThis is for my project workNeed Help in followings:Here i am able to add new row in a table2 with dynamically textbox successfully.Then i tried to multiply 2nd (col2) and 3rd (col3) value into 4th (col4) cell for the first row.1) but for the 2nd row onwards.... its taking the same first row value to compute the total.2) while removing last row ... i m not able to compute gTot (Net Total) appropriately.3) How can i remove perticular row... from the between?4) selected product has to be removed from appearing for the following rows.Note: No forms has been used.Answer atleast for the first two... if possible.Thanx in Advance.
  2. Frameset is independent of head and body tags.Still u can use head to display ur title on title bar.Frameset is to divide the browser's screen into more than one frames.There is no use of body tag to display any thing.
  3. Below are two html files showing example for Collection All and Childern respectively.I want to " ! " this exclamation mark in the output says that its a comment tag,then why it is apperaring after title tag instead of apperaring before head tag? Thanx in Advance.
  4. I m not sure abt it....but i would like to suggest that ... make ur field size of exact 4 for postcode so that it can ignore BN12 with N12. and the value entered in it should be 0N12.Hope this should work out for u.All The Best.
  5. I want to access data to and from MS-Access through a web page.i.e., database is maintained in MS-Access. How do i?And i also want login code for this web pages.So that without logging in, users shouldn't able to browse web pages.In other words, my first web page i want is login page. and when login successfuls then other pages should be accessable else not.Thanks in Advance.
  6. Thanks to all of you for replying.
  7. What is the difference between file with the extension .html and .htm?
  8. There is no appropriate Title of ur post and there is no meaning in conducting the poll without the question and with inappropriate options.
  9. If ur screen consist of two frames divided vertically and u want left frame content when clicked the link result should appear into right frame them follow the following code: Hope this is what u r looking for...and helps u out.
  10. Thanx Maelstorm and Jonas.This is also working.But more appropriate one i like is of Tom.His format consist of all :--> Day, Date, Month, Year, HH:MM:SS AM/PM.And i also liked the time inside the Box (looks good) of Maelstorm.And thanx for the link of tutorial by Jonas, I m sorry I did not search it before posting this topic.
  11. select distinct can be used for individual field (column) but default it goes for all the rows in that field.If u want it for a part of a filed, neccesary where condition has to be given.
  12. ...Also u can refer HTML Black Book as a Beginners, since it uses daily conversation language for expalination.I also suggest u to use notepad only to learn HTML, and to get complete control on it.Then u will feel it interesting and easy.Later getting expertise on the topic u can opt for Frontpage, Dreamweaver etc., for faster creation of designs for ur page.
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