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  1. Html

    Visual Basic

    Who has used Visual basic? There is a trial version at microsoft.com I was wondering if anyone has used it? Interesting? Complicated?
  2. Html

    Html Books

    Thanks for replying. I'm not interested so much in webdesign, i guess thats why i only know the basics. As for a book, it just seems more practical, Instead of searching for resources.
  3. Html

    Html Books

    I only know html, well "basic html" you could call it. Check my link for an example.
  4. Html


    Use either the following free services, freeservers.com or http://www.geocities.com
  5. Html

    Html Books

    I know already the basics, have done for some time now. But i'd just thought buying a small book maybe best for a much better understanding.
  6. Html

    Html Books

    Hi.Do you think learning html from a book is more clear and beneficial?
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