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i'm new to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. currently i'm working on a personal webpage. facing few problems. here's one of'em. there is this huge HTML file. i want to split it into a HTML and several other code files (that will contain some HTML code, may be some headings, paragrapgs and anchors) and when i'll click a link/button in the main page, the content of one of those files will be displayed between a certain tag, say <div id="d1"></div>. when i'll click another link content of another code file will be loaded between those <div id="d1"></div> tags, replacing the previous content. i want to do this without an inline frame, without refreshing the whole page and withouth loading the whole file & hiding some of its content. preferably with simple javascript (i don't know asp/jsp). is this possible? if so, then how? can any one help me?thanx in advance.

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