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  1. Hey man,

    tried to send you a PM, but was told you couldn't receive those. What's up? Happy to see this place still operational. Keep up the good work! :)


  2. It's been a while since I was active with making websites and frequented this forum (daily), but seeing this thread makes me really happy. Glad the community is thriving.
  3. Saw this, immediately felt like sharing it here:http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/12/29/s...gs-in-a-museum/
  4. That never occurred to me, he certainly PMed me originally with the name Dan The Prof. If it's someone else who gained access to that account I don't understand the motivation.
  5. I didn't need a good reason, he asked politely, and I didn't see a problem with it. On the other hand, I considered refusing people if it became a big deal and people asking admin/mod left and right to change their name. Why make a new account? We (you, with me not being a mod today) had (have) a policy of one account per user, and he had access to the account in question. I don't know what you mean by the last question, because he (Jack McKalling, or Dan The Prof, same account, different display name) wrote all the posts still attributed to his screen name...
  6. Actually, Jack McKalling (formerly Dan the Prof) PM'ed me, and I changed the name for him. I don't think user display name change is possible/active for the user him/herself, only the member title (under your avatar), which you can change yourself, if I remember correctly, after 500 posts.
  7. Yeah, we've had this discussion before, and the conclusion was pretty much exactly what Ingolme said. Post AJAX topics in the respective forum of the serverside technology used, or in the javascript forum. You'd probably want to mark the topic as AJAX, say in the title, but that's just common sense anyway to make clear titles.
  8. We do have a forum for it here if you'd care to look for answers you need on this forum. Other than that I'm afraid Java tutorials are not a possibility right now.List of resources and more info here:http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=13338
  9. http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3770
  10. You can discuss hosts here:http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3770
  11. Been there, done that, didn't work out.
  12. Sorry about that, that happens sometimes, but mostly in the summer when we're not on so much... The alternative is almost-free access for spammers.
  13. I don't quite understand. Do you use that account name on a number of different forum? Is it uniquely used by you? Because that's the whole point of an account, it grants you total anonymity. Can you PM me the questions? That guarantees it won't show up in any search engine anyways, and then I can judge better, because right now I don't see a legitimate need for a separate account, when we have a standing rule of one account per person.
  14. One account per member. The account bigcoder (IP match with Ianmind) has been suspended, temporarily to start with. Why do you feel you need two? It's possible to ask a moderator to change your display name, and you can make an email change in your account settings.
  15. Jonas

    No Ingilizce:)

    I can only repeat what Ingolme said...Sadece Ingolme ne dedi tekrarlayabilirsiniz...
  16. You could also have a look at the show/hide script here, along with other javascript snippets:http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=9500Shown in practice here:http://www.iribbit.net/i/_files/javascript-snippets.htm
  17. Here is a comparative review of Java books, originally printed in 1997. If the books are updated or the authors still write Java books, I'm sure you can use the results there as a general indicator of the quality the author writes in 12 years later.
  18. Perhaps you could put in a personal ad in the paper. :)This forum isn't really a recruiting site for other forums though, so I'll close this down.
  19. Jonas

    Under 16s

    Yeah, this isn't really a chat forum, sorry. You can do one-to-one conversations via Private Message, but if you want to do more, I suggest a chatforum or IRC.
  20. I guess the closest thing we have to a graphics forum would be the multimedia forum. Whether we need a graphics forum or not is open to discussion.As for you wanting to be a moderator, to create tutorials and such: I think you may have misunderstood the point of having a moderator. A moderator is not a content creator and not there to lead discussion and create topics. Meaning whether you like graphics or not, or are good or bad at it, is irrelevant to what you'd be doing as a moderator. Now, we so far have not had a single-forum moderator on this forum. Nor do we really see the need to, as it might and probably would cause more confusion to newer members on who to contact about certain issues, when a some moderators only have "powers" or editing tools in certain forums. Further, a "hierarchy" of posters would be the very opposite of what we want, when really we are just members with the ability to deal with spam and otherwise objectionable content. The rules are mostly a combination of w3schools and Invision Power Board (the forum software) Terms of Use, and we have just been chosen to uphold them. When we're not caught up with that, we are regular posters, and our opinions on webdeveloping don't hold any bigger weight than any other poster. All that matters in the end is what advice works.Posters here are very helpful in reporting objectionable threads and posts, which helps us deal with problems quickly, without making a big deal out of it. Of course it helps that the forum is about webdeveloping, which I've never seen develop into very controversial discussion. As such, we are able to cover the ground quite well, and have not seen the need to get more moderator. Currently there are members with a long history on these boards who we know would be great moderators if only they accepted a request to take on the responsibility, and we are most likely to ask them when it becomes necessary. The best way really to become "worthy" is to just post normally, show that you understand the rules, have a steady commitment to the forum, and don't be overzealous in trying to get "noticed".Finally, if the time comes that we need more moderators, the ultimate deciding factor beyond the above will be what time zone you're in.
  21. Personally I was never really involved in it. It was Choco's project from the get-go, his idea...I'm not sure when or why it died, because I didn't participate and follow the discussions much.
  22. Jonas


    That would indeed be very helpful. And as such, the one is not really the best suited. No worries though.
  23. No need to go elsewhere really, w3schools just stands for www-schools, and while it's understandable to find it confusing with the W3C, it doesn't negate the learning you can do on this site, particularly the forum. As for certifications, the only real, heavy-weight certification you get is from universities, and that costs lots of money, both for books and lectures/courses. A good portfolio speaks volumes more than a paper certification anyhow. Start taking small assignments for little pay, build up a portfolio of sites showing you can actually employ the techniques, not just read the theory. Try to implement different serverside technologies, guestbooks, content management systems, online shops and payment systems etc. and make them secure from server attacks. If you can combine serverside technologies with a functioning interface and even graphical design, you've got lots of cards to play.
  24. Jonas


    Uh, no, that would be not allowed. Hardly ever, you guys are all so well behaved, it's seldom necessary. :)Often times a PM message suffices as well, unless it's something severe enough to put "on record", without warranting an instant ban (such as blatant spamming will). In all sincerity, the purpose of this forum doesn't create much adversity, as it is about teaching and learning from eachother. That was never the case. As you will likely remember from the PM I sent you, the issue was just some members expressing slight concerns over your avatar, because there actually are quite young posters here. I never expressed the exaggerations you imply, and there's no need to keep brooding on that. Any long time resentment on your part over such a small matter will only reflect negatively on yourself.
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