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Hi w3schools,

I'm not familiar with the forum's structure.  So, I've put my request into the suggestions forum.  I think you ruined the Reference; you deleted a major portion of the site.  Please put it back.

Here's what I suggest replacing:
'Supported' in 'Not Supported in HTML5.', with <a class="red" hRef="relevant.HTML.4.page.htm">Supported</a> to give us archaic HTML users the old HTML4 syntax including the <!docType>s.  I personally use the Frames <!docType> for an overlay to the webpages I use; 300.* index left, pages right.

Sure the search engines can't read it, but who cares, they read the original page content.

It's gotta on;y be a few tags, right?  Please bring back HTML 4 syntax within the HTML 5 pages; PLEASE.

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Before you ask a question in this forum, you should check out our HTML Tutorial.For our HTML Tutorial: W3Schools HTML TutorialFor a complete HTML Reference: W3Schools HTML Reference

Hello,HTML Tutorial., I think u can find them all on W3schools, I learned HTML by this great school ! W3school.com .

Something is deprecated when it is maintained only for backwards compatibility and its use is discouraged.


Can I use a function like this to change the background of a body tag that has a class instead of an ID?

<body id="cbg">

<button onclick="changeBG()">Change Background</button>
function changeBG(){document.getElementById('cbg').style.background = "repeating-radial-gradient(#444 0%,#222 10%,#444 40%) 0 / 12px 12px"}


<body class="cbg">

<button onclick="changeBG()">Change Background</button>
function changeBG(){document.getElementByClassName('cbg').style.background = "repeating-radial-gradient(#444 0%,#222 10%,#444 40%) 0 / 12px 12px"}

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2 hours ago, Royalty45 said:

I have a website and I am making table but table is gone outside of the page. What will be the issue? and how can I resolve it?

Tables stretch to fit the content within their cells. One way to solve it is to use the table-layout property in CSS. If there aren't too many table cells, you can wrap cell contents in divs and specify a maximum width for those divs to make sure that the cell text can wrap. If the table is just being used for visual layout purposes and don't contain tabular data, I would recommend replacing the table with other elements that are better suited for page design.

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