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Tags or elements?

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Hello everyone,I'm new here (to the forum, not to W3Schools), and I have a question: In the HTML tutorial there's a section called "References," there we are offered a list of all the tags used in HTML; however, the W3C also offers the same basic list, but they do not call it a tag list, they call it the element index. Furthermore, the W3C has this to say about elements (I hope I'm not violating any copyrights by providing this little snipet):

Elements are not tags. Some people refer to elements as tags (e.g., "the P tag"). Remember that the element is one thing, and the tag (be it start or end tag) is another. For instance, the HEAD element is always present, even though both start and end HEAD tags may be missing in the markup.
So, wouldn't it be more appropriate to rename the page "tag list" to "element list"? I ask this with no other intention than to help W3Schools. :) P.S.: Oh, and thank you for providing a free resource for IT knowledge.
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http://www.w3schools.com/about/about_helpers.aspPlease follow and read that link, and submit your suggestion to the email that is listed. This forum is mostly for suggestions for forum upgrades. Errors/corrections for w3schools.com are handled through email, and has been since before this forum. Thanks though. :)
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