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Which design is better?  

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  1. 1. Which design is better?

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    • Design Three
    • Design Four

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This is a web site I'm doing for my dad. He likes the first one the most, but that is my least favorite. He thinks the other two are too simple, but I'm trying to convince him simple=good.Any comments would be great.Edit: Added updated version of design one.Design One2s1n7z5.jpgDesign Two2mzmi6h.jpgDesign Three2z7qxwg.gifDesign Four (Design One Edited)5dwls9.jpg

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When making an earthy nature looking website, whether it be a rock, grass, leaf, sand, etc theme Simple is not good. Simple is good with vector/modern designs. I like the 3rd one the most because of the detail. More decorative things like cactus's or rocks peeking out from behind the header would give it the sprucening it needs.

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