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Background Problem


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Set it as the body's background.
Well the bg is meant to be a dark gray, but I wanted the center to be a lighter gray.
validating the page, will show where you are going wrong, at quick glance missing <tr>, <br /> inserted where it is not allowed.http://validator.w3.org/ spotting 70 errors, including above.
I have found by setting leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" I got one page to reach the top, but the others don't. It may be because of validation you mentioned.And one more thing, how can I make a table, td, or tr tags stretch at the bottom to fill in the rest of the page automatically without having to set a certain height?
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Well I got it to look the way I want, now just got to repeat it. Thanks to everyone for your help

leftmargin, topmargin, marginwidth and marginheight are not valid attributes in HTML.You must learn CSS if you want to style your pages correctly.
I know, I really need to reteach css to myself, but I'm a bit strap for time on this
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