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error:"there is no attribute "onekeyup"


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Hello,I am using the function maximo(field, limit) on some of my files.It works fine and it doesn't give me any erros back. I had some problems with this scripts because I was using capital letters,but you suggested me to change them and then it worked. This is the scrip within a textarea:

<textarea name="comment" rows="10" cols="50" onkeypress="return validar(event,this);"    onekeyup="maximo(this,800);padding=10px;" onkeydown="maximo(this,700);">

However, on one of my files, only on one, I get this error: " there is no attribute "onekeyup" "The script is exactly the same as in other files. I don't know what to do in order not to get that warning.I would appreciate any help.Thank you in advance.Regards.

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