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Slow in Internet Explorer

Man In Tan

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I've been having issues with slowness on my site, http://0gb.us/, but only in Windows running Internet Explorer. Using a better brower causes the page to load much more quickly. I've done some research, but all I can find that causes this is use of the <base /> tag, which I don't use. What do I need to do to speed loading for these users?

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I apologize in advance for my poor spelling. I'm not on my own computer right now, and this one has no spell check.

Tell this site is best viewed though speedier, and much better browser other than IE browser they are using, and give links to those better browsers.
As much as I hate Internet Explorer, and feel it is the bane of web developers everywhere, it's not my choice to make. I usually leave sites that try to focrce me to switch from Safari/SeaMonkey. For that reason, I support the Any Browser Campain, even if it does result in much more difficulty in development. While I'm at it, I may as well ask people to quit using Windows all together. Unix-like opperating systems are much more stable and user-friendly. They just don't have as many applications developed for them yet.
I still find it odd that it just stays blank and loading for so long. That's not supposed to happen.
I know, right? My mother has been complaining about it, and I thought she just had a slow computer. But the problem seems to exsist on any instance of Internet Explorer, but not other browsers on the same computers. And of couse, she refuses to switch browsers, even given Internet Explorer's countless security issues and standards violations. Edited by Man In Tan
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