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reseting fadeTo in jquery


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Hey guys kind of a wierd issue im having with using fadeTo i have this code being triggered with a clickI notice if I keep clicking on it fast it doesnt reset. like i would of thought. what happends is first click starts optacity at 40 then fades outthen 2nd fast click doesnt reset doesnt start at 40 but does replace the information so its like i cant assign anymore animation until the fadeOut has finished?

	  $('div#display_sector').fadeTo(0,0); // reset to 0 	  $('div#display_sector').fadeTo(0,.4); // start at 40 	  $('div#display_sector').html(session_x+" - "+session_y); // replace div with information 	  $('div#display_sector').fadeOut(2000); // fade out

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