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getting list items one by one


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i wrote a code like this:

$(function(){$(".ei-slider-thumbs li").live({			'mouseenter':function(){				$(".ei-slider-thumbs li img").css('visibility','visible').stop().animate({opacity:1,bottom:'20px'},{duration:400,easing:'swing'});				},			'mouseleave':function(){				$(".ei-slider-thumbs li img").css('visibility','hidden').stop().animate({opacity:0,bottom:'57px'},{duration:400,easing:'swing'});				}			});});

it shows picture when i hover on them but i have image standing on li's and i have more than one li's.i want to see the releated image when i hover on that.i try to write a code like:

$(".ei-slider-thumbs li").live({			'mouseenter':function(){				var index=$(".ei-slider-thumbs li").index($(this));				$(".ei-slider-thumbs li img").find('eq('+index+')').css('visibility','visible').stop().animate({opacity:1,bottom:'20px'},{duration:400,easing:'swing'});				},			'mouseleave':function(){				var index=$(".ei-slider-thumbs li").index($(this));				$(".ei-slider-thumbs li img").find('eq('+index+')').stop().animate({opacity:0,bottom:'57px'},{duration:400,easing:'swing'});				}			});

but it did not do anything.can anyone help me what i'm doing wrong?

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When I look at...




I have no idea what it is that you want to do next. Perhaps you should label the different areas and then explain what you are trying to accomplish.


Also don't use live(). It is depreciated. Use on().

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if you are targeting the img element associated with the 'ei-slider-thumbs li' current mouseover/mouseleave of , surely you just require.


IF you have more than one img




would suffice.

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