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PHP + SQL + links + .csv files


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I have a .php webpage that pulls from a SQL database (based on the name of one of 300 different waterfalls). The SQL database is created by a .csv file that I upload.


I want to be able to put <a href=”links”> elements into the text of the .csv file so that I can essentially add links on all of these .php pages. However, it seems as though the .csv files do not accept quotation characters.


Is there a good way to do this? Perhaps using CSS with an ID or class that I somehow reference in the text of the .CSV file? Is that even possible with links?


Here is an example of a page:



I want to put links around the ‘New England Waterfalls: A Guide to More Than 400 Cascades And Waterfalls’ text. This text comes from the .CSV file.

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Seems like basic string manipulation. Please post your code to dynamically duplicate your page and we'll help if needed.

You'll need php variables.

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