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HELP About w3schools certificates...


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Hello everyone.

I'm from Romania.

I want to buy w3schools certificates.

Where I will receive them after the exams?

And... ar' they good for employment? I want to get a job.

I'm not going to collage.

Thank you in advance! :umnik2:

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I don't know for sure.


I do know that they're not a substitute to a college degree.




I know justsomeguy knows the answer. PM him.


Ingolme might also know. PM him




just wait I'm sure one one of them will reply. else. PM.


W3schools will probably email them. I can't imagine them being snail mailed. Besides that, I don't think anybody uses their physical address anyway.


I do remember a topic earlier this year about it taking awhile to get the certificates.

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