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select all a:link , a:visited in some class


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hello , i have a <div> with class "nav" and i want that all the links inside will be design somehow.

so i did that:

.nav a:link , .nav a:visited  {	padding: 7px 20px; 	font-weight: bold;	font-size: 20px;	color: white;	text-decoration: none;}

but its not working, what have i done wrong?

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Have you set the default styling for those links? as the styling above will only apply to unvisited and visited links, and the visited styling may not work as expected because some of styling has been disabled because of a security issue, where a users history can be tracked by this method.



.nav a {    padding: 7px 20px;    font-weight: bold;    font-size: 20px;color: red; /* for example purpose only, also underline is applied to anchor link by default*/}


you should only add the styling that will change

.nav a:link , .nav a:visited  {    color: white;    text-decoration: none; /* remove underline; */}
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