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Hi guys,


So I set up a few boxes on a page and want a random one to disappear whenever any box is clicked on. I am a little rusty and was never that good at coding so this is just for fun/practice.


My divs are set up as having id's square(1-18)


My jquery code is:

$(document).ready(function() {   $("div").mouseenter(function() {       $(this).animate({           height: '+=50px',           width: '+=50px',           fontSize: '+=100px'});   });   $("div").mouseleave(function() {       $(this).animate({           height: '-=50px',           width: '-=50px',           fontSize: '-=100px'       });    });   var num = math.floor(math.random() * 18) + 1;   var n = num.toString();   var sEvent = "'" + "#" + "square" + n +"'";   $("div").click(function() {       $(sEvent).toggle(400);   }); });

the first 2 sections work fine but I cant get my click function to work properly. Please let me know your thoughts!

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