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How i Creat Mp3 Music Site In php


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Hello everyone here m new

i need help if u can do


i want make a mp3 music site with download fecture

so anyone can explan it how i can make


i want show mp3 file detail like airtest , file name , size, album name


and then show 3 type of music download option like



if u know how i done plz help me for this

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How much PHP do you know? If you're talking about a public or commercial site then that's a project that would take a relatively experienced PHP programmer a month or so to finish.

i m learner but sir u can tell me method m try to do

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You would need a file upload interface, an organized database and directory structure. If you want the program to automatically generate different quality MP3s I would research into PHP libraries that can encode MP3 files.


Research file uploading and databases. There are many tutorials out there including the ones at W3Schools.

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