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someone please help? :)


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I have just started learning about html, css and all that stuff.. I am beginning to get an understanding.. But there is something that really annoys me!


This is used to automatic retrieve post title, link and content.. but how??

I would like to have a featured image+some text on my first page, instead of the whole post!



${ }





<div class="entry">
<a href="${EntryCategoryLink}">${EntryTitle}</a>

<div class="content">${entrybody}</div>

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I DON'T MUCH HTML AND CSS but every day work on it never know it html and css, what kind of languange is that !



Please kindly use this codepen.io to tell your need :D


Freddy Sidauruk

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That depends on the content management system you're using to get the data. This isn't an HTML problem, this has to do with your content management system. So we need to know what content management system your website is using.

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