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How push the third images to bottom


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Hello all been surviving to be good designer by using bootsrap :dirol:


Now i have been in new projects spend long time in design, and i need to push the third images to bottom but don't know why

been searching google


  1. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6520940/html-image-bottom-alignment-inside-div-container
  2. http://jsfiddle.net/thiagobraga/pwVLt/

But it gave me not clear, so here is my html

 <div class="col-md-1 one">  			  <img src="img/teropong.png" class="img-responsive images-top-left-nav" alt="Teropong">  			  <img src="img/tambah.png" class="img-responsive images-top-left-nav" alt="Tambah">  			  <img src="img/image-bottom.png" class="img-responsive images-bottom-left-nav" alt="Icon Bawah">       </div>        

and this is my css

.one img:nth-of-type(1), .one img:nth-of-type(2){  margin:5px 0px 5px 5px;}.one img:nth-of-type(3) {      vertical-align:bottom;      border:0;}

How can i push the third images become in the bottom, i didn't create codepen cause i don't know how to get images as online hope you all understand guys, Thanks for any comment



Freddy Sidauruk

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