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Help with pagination - w3css

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Ive recently joined this forum. a week or so ago I found the W3CSS pages & they are great.

Ive found the HTML / CSS code for pagination, & i thinki want to use it, however I am a bit puzzled.


<li><a href="#">2</a></li>

<li><a href="#">3</a></li>

can anyone advise what else is needed to use this system ? How does my website KNOW if i clicked page 1, page 2, or page 3 ? all the targets point to a hash-tag #

Basically my main site runs on PHP, so i would appreciate any assistance in understanding

a) how the script / website knows what value is selected

B) how to pass this value to a php script as named value. - Eg $page

Also - it would be good if the pagination page be updated to point to a few tutorials. Thank you.

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W3.CSS just changes the appearance of the pagination buttons. The href="#" are example links that don't do anything.


Usually for pagination, you will have PHP generate a set of links with query strings attached, such as <a href="?page=1"> or <a href="?offset=20"> and then use the data passed in the $_GET array to query for certain results from a database.


There are plenty of pagination tutorials for PHP. https://www.google.ca/?q=php+pagination+tutorial

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