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Steps on form


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In the multiple step form:


we have this:

  <!-- One "tab" for each step in the form: -->

So, if i wanted to be considered as a step two tabs (and not one), should n t i just change to this:

  <!-- Two "tabs" for each step in the form: -->     


But there s no effect. I can t see what must be changed - for me this s all that defines what s considered a step -  and i guess the structure is ok (i didn t change it almost).

Or it cannot be changed (number of tabs for each step)?



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That's just a comment, it doesn't do anything. The comment is there to tell people what the code is doing.

What does it even mean for one step to have two tabs? I cannot make sense of that.

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Ok, i thought this comment would specify something.

Anyway, the information provided in each tab - like name and email - is considered one step completed in the form, right?

But if i want to consider as a step completed the information being asked in two tabs - in one: name and email/ in the next: country and age - for example ? Is it possible? And this way, the little circle will change color only after these two tabs: that s the idea.






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