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Recently, I created a website  in  Dreamweaver 2018 (www.offtocolleges.com). It opens perfectly in preview from Dreamweaver however, when I open it in Internet Explorer, banners and columns are missing. I use Bluehost as the server. I have made numerous calls to Bluehost and they said its my css. I'm not well versed on CSS. This is the error message I receive when I open development tools in Microsoft Edge, Internet explorer, etc: HTTP404: NOT FOUND - The server has not found anything matching the requested URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).
GET - http://www.offtocolleges.com/css/simpleGridTemplate.css. I have two days before I cancel my services with Bluehost and receive a full refund. Can anyone assist me with this delima? Thank you in advance.

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My first advice is to never trust Dreamweaver's preview, it's wrong. Test your website in a real browser.

From what I see on your website, your code links to a CSS stylesheet that does not exist on the server. You have to upload all of HTML and CSS files for your website to work. This is not a problem with your web host, this is happening because you forgot to upload a file, or uploaded it to the wrong location or with the wrong name.

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Thank both of you for responding.  You say this exists in the root directory. http://www.offtocolleges.com/simpleGridTemplate.css 

IAs I mentioned before, I'm not literate when it comes to coding. To my knowledge I don't see this file in the root directory. Only the simpleGridTempate.css is in a folder called CSS. Are you saying that file has to be changed? Please help and excuse my lack of knowledge. Thank you. 


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IF you click this link


You will get 404 error Not found

click this link


the file is found, and displays css file in question in the browser.

Forget my previous post I changed the link, but the forum software changes text to link, but the css link still points to root.

The css folder should be in root directory, and the css file within this folder

When i look at index page I see

<link href="http://www.offtocolleges.com/simpleGridTemplate.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

This points to root directory,  right click inside webpage and select 'View Page Source', click the link and it will show the content of this file.

Go to http://www.offtocolleges.com/collegevsmilitary.html

View source and the css link goes to

<link href="css/simpleGridTemplate.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Click this link and it comes up with the same 404 error Not found!

So it can't exist in a css folder in the root directory.

JUST checked again with CSS/simpleGridTemplate.css, and this WORKS!

The links are case-sensitive 'css/simpleGridTemplate.css' is treated differently to 'CSS/simpleGridTemplate.css'

Windows is more forgiven in regards to uppercase and lower, Linux Apache less so.



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