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On 11/11/2019 at 12:56 PM, Jay Dauenhauer said:

I incorporated the "Dropdown in TopNav" code, but I have a dropdown list that's over 70 items long.

How would I incorporated a scrolling function to this menu, or make it possible to view all the entries by scrolling down using the mouse wheel?


Seventy items long seems excessive (to me).

Is there no way to break the list into smaller groups by being more specific about the contents displayed?

I don't know what your dropdown looks like, but as an example for a main heading of "Clothes" followed by all kinds of clothes
I would break the clothes topic into smaller groups of 'Shirts', 'Blouses', 'Pants', 'Skirts', 'Ties', 'Scarfes', etc.
I think any list longer than about 10 items should be split into smaller lists, even if the split is, for example, by alphabet: a-g, h-o, p-z


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