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Paramater Pick-Up Problem


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I understand that to pass a paramater from one page to another 
from a call in a function I must have "?param=myparam" following my page id.

    function ancesterF(myparam)
    {location.href='mypage1.php? param=myparam';return false;
    window.open(location.href); return false;} 
and to pick-up the paramater in the called page, I need to use:

However, it doesn't work.  
The resulting pick-up is "myparam" instead of the 
value of "myparam" which is "10006"

Does anyone know how to pick-up the value passed?

I can't find anything about this in PHP documentation.

Many thanks

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The clue is in what actually happened! 

?param=myparam (as in index = value)

$getmyparam=$_GET['param']; (apply index value to $getmyparam)

returns 'myparam' (the value)

myparam should be 10006.

Its treating myparam as a string, not parameter variable, you have to separate the variable from the string

{location.href='mypage1.php?param='+myparam;return false;
    window.open(location.href); return false;} 

'mypage1.php?param=' is string part, while +myparam will now join the value of myparam to rest of string

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