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Preloading images.


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Currently using this for the script :its a for loop so it's easy to expand. (saw the example on another site)

var imagenames=new Array('../pics/fullshot_small2.gif');var images=new Array();function loadimages(){  for(n=0;n<imagenames.length;n++)  {    images[n]=new Image();    images[n].src=imagenames[n];    setTimeout('checkload('+n+')' ,n*100);  }}function checkload(index){  (images[index].complete)? dispbars() : setTimeout('checkload('+index+')', 100);}function dispbars(){}window.onload=loadimages;

Which is loaded into the page like this :

<a href="fullshot.htm" onmouseover="document.images['b1'].src='../pics/fullshot_small2.gif'" onmouseout="document.images['b1'].src='../pics/fullshot_small.gif'"><img name="b1" src="../pics/fullshot_small.gif" border="0" width="250" height="330" alt=""></a>

It seems to work fairly good so far.but i'm just curious how other people preload their images.Any better or faster alternatives?

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