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  1. UNION is pretty quick... it should only take time proportional to the number of tables you are unioning.
  2. AJAX is not an "enhancement" to Javascript, it is part of the Javascript specification itself. Not creating copies of the XMLHttpRequest object doesn't mean it is not available to the Javascript engine.
  3. A popular open source encoder is Handbrake.
  4. AJAX is not another language, it is just a specific feature of Javascript (namely, the XMLHttpRequest object). Using it would be a good opportunity to practice your Javascript skills.
  5. What is the result of your attempts?
  6. This is not like Stack Overflow; there is no "reputation" you get for giving a "correct" or "best" answer (unless people want to click the "like this" button, which doesn't seem to happen often). Thus, there is no inherent disadvantage to a previous poster if a question is answered in a similar manner multiple times, unless you believe it creates confusion. All contributions are appreciated here, and there is no need to attempt to hoard, or protect your answers. Whatever you have to say, if it is constructive, then it is better said.
  7. Synook

    Css Not Changing

    That's probably because CloudFlare caches your site in the nodes of their CDN (that's the whole point of CloudFlare), and the nodes don't always get new content straight away. Caching happens at all levels, not just on your local computer.
  8. There is no way to accurately determine a person's identity without the use of a secret, such as a password. Any other way can always be spoofed.
  9. The Mobile Athlon 4 (Palomino), according to Wikipedia, was introduced in 2001, while the Pentium 4 was introduced in 2001. So the Athlon 4 is technically a bit newer, however, the Mobile Athlon 4 is a specific model of processor, while the "Pentium 4" name applies to a wide range of chips manufactured until 2008 (much like the current Intel Core series), and thus you will probably find Pentium 4-branded chips that are both "faster" and "slower" than the Mobile Athlon 4. Of course, these are both very, very old processors. I am not sure what you mean by "higher", but it is very hard to compare a single processor with a whole range. Note that the "4" after their names mean nothing.
  10. Synook

    Installing Pear

    Did you check for the executable in /opt/phing/bin?
  11. Synook

    Print Vs Echo

    From the PHP manual: Even PHPBench says, You could say it acts more like a function than echo, however.
  12. Synook

    Print Vs Echo

    Also, print returns an integer (1, always), while echo doesn't return anything.
  13. Technically, you still need to send the HTTP response header (as this tells the browser, for example, where to redirect to), but not the HTTP response body (which includes all markup, including the DOCTYPE etc.). However, when using PHP the header is automatically generated somewhere along the way and you don't need to include it yourself (unlike if you were, for example, using CGI with an old-fashioned scripting language).
  14. Not sure where relations come into this, but you can just give each checkbox a different name in the form.
  15. You can use regular expressions with the preg_match_all() function. Something like: $final = preg_match_all("/talking a[a-zA-Z]*/", $string);
  16. Synook

    $Count Like Variable.

    You may also be interested in the chr() function .
  17. Javascript shouldn't cost you money.
  18. Synook

    Basic Rss Parser?

    DOMDocument is probably the right direction; there is also the SimpleXML parser if you want an alternative. A full overview of the various XML-handling features in PHP can be found here. If you use these you don't need to start from scratch, just use the functions they provide.
  19. You should use forward-slashes, and URL-encode spaces with %20. In general you should try to avoid spaces (and uppercase letters) in your file names.
  20. Synook

    Basic Rss Parser?

    You can use DOMDocument to parse the RSS feed.
  21. He did say . We wait in anticipation, of course. You can find a donation link on W3School's about page.
  22. ../ actually takes you up one level - / is the root.
  23. Synook

    Regex Book?

    If you really want to learn about what regular expressions actually are (including why they are called "regular expressions"), then you should look for a book on discrete structures, or regular languages, such as "Introduction to the Theory of Computation" by Michael Sipser. This might be a bit of an overkill for your purposes though... P.S.: the technical way to make that regular expression case-insensitive is to do: (s|S)(h|H)(e|E)(r|R)(l|L)(o|O)(c|C)(k|K) Of course, Javascript has features that make this easier for you . P.P.S.: I doubt you'll find a whole book on regular expressions, though.
  24. Validators and other parsers shouldn't mess up on the Javascript code, since the HTML DTDs specify the element as CDATA (i.e., containing character-data only): <!ENTITY % Script "CDATA" -- script expression --> <!ELEMENT SCRIPT - - %Script; -- script statements -->
  25. You don't seem to be checking for MySQL errors — check the return value of mysql_error() after doing the query.
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