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  1. well they don't have it because there trying to stay with web lanuages (& scripting languages)... even though you can adapt them to the web, they are not really for the web.
  2. umm... maybe it was green and black. (sry I was using my new video card I made... it has a color ratio of 1:1)It would just be nice to have a couple themes I could switch between. I have 'settings' on my site and I can change between themes. I use light colors during the day and dark at night... just to be nice on my eyes.
  3. well he was trying to make a skin, so how ever he was planning to get his added, he can do it to these ones...---- ---Desert is a dark red with a tan backgroundInternet center is green with a white backgroundand the last one is dark red with a white backgroundto put it generally, I think I got them from http://invisionize.com/
  4. dcole.ath.cx

    Php document?

    Only files that have php code in them should have an ext. .php (unless you changes the httpd.conf file to accept other file types as a php file)like Cronthenoob said, included files don't need doctype or heading, unless that is the propose of them. PHP is used to make dynamic pages... it writes html and tell it to the browser. so you have one master php file which gets any other kind of file (MySQL, .txt, .php, .html...) and puts it all together into on big html file the browser can use.
  5. Since there was only one skin that people can use, I went and found some IPB 2.1.X skins. These skins were made by other people and have asked that the link on the bottom of these skins remains on there. If these links can not be on this forum then we should not use the skin since it would be considered steeling not to give them credit. http://dcole.ath.cx/dcole/Desert.ziphttp://dcole.ath.cx/dcole/Internet_Center.ziphttp://dcole.ath.cx/dcole/ipb_evolution.zipthey will need to be changed to fit with the W3schools logo... maybe the logo needs color changing.I PMed Chocolate570 about this topic, so he should read it and maybe add these skins to the list.
  6. I'm about 1/4 done debugging my search engine.
  7. You can use file_get_contents(), file_get_contents() puts the data into a string, vs. file() which put's it into an array.---- ---well the solution was that there was an extra space formed after the each URL if there was more than one URL, most likely caused by the exploding of the data... if you look at the error message you will notice the extra space in the quotes after the URL.
  8. use a for loop with an if/else in side of it...so like: $ne = 6;$count = count($ne);$size = $count/2;for($i=0; $i<$size; $i++){ if($i % 2) { $number = $i; print "<tr><td>Entry $number</td>"; } else{ $number = $i +$size; print "<td>Entry $number</td></tr>"; }} that will printEntry 1 Entry 4Entry 2 Entry 5Entry 3 Entry 6just to give you some help in the right direction...
  9. Sry SFB, but I gave you enough information... way more then you really needed... My first post had like twice the information you needed.The problem has been solved!
  10. Well it goes though a for loop 100 times, each time opening a file and getting the first line and putting it into that statement I'm having problem with, then afterwards it deletes the first line... then it's ready for the file to be opened again (so it will have a new line)
  11. I'm sorry, I forgot you can't use % in height...add height='600px'px is for pixels---- ---here is a very simple template I once made, it has alot of comment tags so you know what's happening... <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> <html><head> <title>Title of document</title></head><body><center><h1>My Web Site</h1><table width='100%' border='1'> <tr style=""> <!-- style='background-color: lightblue;' is the code for cell BG color --> <!-- style='background-image: URL (image location);' is the code for cell BG image --> <td width='20%' style='background-color: lightblue;'> <!-- Change URL (Address) to the page address you want the link to go to --> <!-- Change Explain to the discription of the page the link is going to--> <!-- Change LINK to what the user will see (EX: HOME) --> <a href='URL (Address)' title='Explain' target='_self'>LINK</a><br> <a href='URL (Address)' title='Explain' target='_self'>LINK</a><br> <a href='URL (Address)' title='Explain' target='_self'>LINK</a><br> </td> <td align='left'> <b>Page</b><br> your text goes here <br><br> all directions to make this page look like what you want is in comments in the page source! <br> For any Question go to <a href="http://dcole.ath.cx/forum.php" title="http://dcole.ath.cx/forum.php" target="_blank">http://dcole.ath.cx/forum.php</a> <br><br> <!-- <br> is the same as enter --> <!-- <p>text here</p> is a paragrph --> <!-- <b>text here</b> is for bold text --> <!-- <h1>text here</h1> is for headings, 1 can be a number 1-6 --> <!-- <em>text here</em> is for emphasized text --> <!-- <i>text here</i> is for italic text --> <!-- <img src="URL (Address)" width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT"> is for images. you need to change URL (Addess), WIDTH, and HEIGHT --> </td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan='2'> <a href='URL (Address)' title='Explain' target='_self'>LINK</a> | <a href='URL (Address)' title='Explain' target='_self'>LINK</a> | <a href='URL (Address)' title='Explain' target='_self'>LINK</a> </td> </tr></table></center></body></html>
  12. forgot about the quotes... I'm trying my best not to do that, but as you can see I did it again.just tested it again... and again with a whole bunch of URLsand still got this message for each URL:Warning: file_get_contents(http://dcole.ath.cx ) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No error in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\search\gcache.php on line 34
  13. Dan the Prof, I guess I will need an example as to why height in % has to be used... and why another method wouldn't work. I don't see IE and FF missing this kind of thing... there has to be a logical answer.
  14. reputation per day sounds good, or posts to reputation you can give.but minimuum posts is a bad idea... what if you just came to this forum and had a hard question you've been working months on and some one here answers it for you... you would want to hand out reputation right then and now.
  15. dcole.ath.cx

    captcha test

    but this is the same page, the same problem... if it was a new problem or in php a new page... then it would be the way you want it.
  16. Here is the poll topic that Dan the Prof suggested: http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=6563
  17. Here is a poll on a Reputation system members have though about adding. This poll should show the support or non-support of this system.This system will allow other members to reward you for making a good post. It is also posible for members to dock you points for making a bad post (spam or what not).There are also more Yes answers if you require this Reputation system to be setup in a selected way. If you answer is not up there, please pick the closest one and then make a post as to what you would like to see.General -- means it will show a rating by a bar and groups your rank to the nearest bar length. Like 0-50 get one bar, 51-100 get 2 bars... not showing a true number like: Karma is 43only positive points -- members can only add to reputation!says who gave you it -- so you know who is giving you this reputatiion... If there is negative points maybe someone just hates you, not because you made a bad post.you have to give a reason -- you need to backup why you are giving out this reputation
  18. It's not used as spamming in other forums since people have to give it to you if they want to... it will reduce spam if there is a subtracting one!Also about what Jonas said, if you have a bar where it shows a general number... not like "Karma is 43" then the system wouldn't be so ranked. Like how other forums have post rank (newbie, average, adavnced, kink poster, crazy poster, nerd..) where it just show what general group you fit into.
  19. The hight will get bigger as you add more lines of text and images... you shouldn't have to mess with the height... it will just form to what is needed.
  20. Well it may just be because you should have your height the defult value... no need to add more white space. Also if you want it to start scrolling you pick a set value (like in px)...
  21. well you could guess by what type of browser they have... but there is no point to knowing. Opening a new windows or opening a new tab is the decision of the user, no the webmaster! If you check out XHTML strict, you will see that you can no longer forcea new window to open.
  22. don't have it open in a new window... if the user wants it in a new window they can do it on there own! Opening alot of windows bugs people... unless they really want to.
  23. well you can just search and replace to make URLs links...you will search for (http://|www\.)(.*)that will find http:// or www. and then every character that comes after it until a space.then you can just replace it with <a href='(1)'>(1)</a>that maybe how it goes, I don't do this alot... only once to tell you the truth. Justsomeguy will know how to do it better than I do. Well this should give you some ideas untill he posts.
  24. I have it installed but I never use it...
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