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  1. How can I look to see if a value is in any of $z[any][1]... I don't really want to use a for statement unless I have to... maybe in_array??
  2. now, I know what's going on... I had it so $a, $b, and $c where endless and your saying there $a, $b, and $c are the first 3 in an endless amount of arrays in $z (also that $a, $b, $c are set)got it!
  3. would it be worth it for a to be big search engine to write it's own programming lanuage that is made to be used as a search engine or would it be better to use a premade one like C?it would be more work but it would really be optimized!
  4. lets use this as an example: <?php$a = array (1, 2, 3);$b = array (4, 5, 6);$c = array (7, 8, 9);$z = array ($a, $b, $c);print $z[0][0];print "and";print $z[0][1];print "and";print $z[0][2];?> that will print 123, but I want to keep 147 inline with each other... so does usort move each set(the numbers) in each set($a, $b, $c) one?so it will move a set in $a one, move a set in $b one, and move a set in $c one?
  5. My search engine is writen in PHP... but I wasn't making it so it had to be large scale, fast, or space saving... just to learn more php.I made my search engine so it only crawls pages on a list, and then it removes copys of the same URL... so then it can only rescan the same URL 100 levels in.
  6. it is kinda dead... I couldn't get any help, all the fash forums on the internet are dead. Maybe when school starts up the forums will... other wise I will just post what I've found.
  7. O... I didn't mean to use VNC to 'get back' at someone... My school also has VNC on the computers (paid version) and they don't always use it for real proposes... sometimes to be funny or make a joke.with the router thing, that would be a good solution if your brother wouldn't let up... he blocks you, you block him... then your going to have to work it out. Just because some people aren't going to be like "you should have access, what was I thinking..." while they have the upper hand. ---- ---Why did he change your password in the first place?Maybe I don't see the real problem... all computer in my house have at least one one account so anyone can access the computer... I also don't keep my data on other people's computers... unless it's my mom computer (where I know I will have 100% access all the time)I don't allow my brother to have access to my computer because he slows down every computer some how... when he uses a computer, it has to be reformated every month, I can make a computer last 6 years (and still have it running like new)
  8. not at all... Linux will be easier than Windows.On linux I just saw it one day while installing some php things though the add/remove program things... it installed and runs the programs for you.If your on windows, you will have to google 'real vnc' then find the download and tell them for what purpose your using it for. Then after installing it, run the listening program and add it to the start folder so it starts up when you turn on the computer.Then you just click VNC viewer and type in the IP address or the computer name...
  9. well a text editor is like notepad... you just see text, no images.
  10. google VNC... I use 'Real VNC' and 'Tight VNC'I know captcha is messed up, my scripts not getting the session for who know what season, and I desided to fix it tomorrow..
  11. dcole.ath.cx

    captcha test

    SFB, your not a good GooglerIf you say 'Googler' 10 times fast... you will be a better googler!
  12. about coding... you would write it in DOS... and put it on a floppy and then boot the computer and have it read the floppy.if you don't have a floppy drive, you could do it with a CD.. maybe USB (I don't think old computers could do it though... I'm not 100% sure.)
  13. well if you ever do get back in and have more than one computer, I would install VNC.. so then if you can get logged back in, you can login to VNC while he's on and go change it (right in front of him... lol)the first time I used VNC on my brother he though it was a hacker who took control of his mouse, so he ran down stairs to me and was yelling "there's a hacker on the computer up stairs and he has control over the mouse!" I couldn't hold it in and I was laughing for a long time... the look on his face. but then he got smart and tried to VNC me while I was VNCing him... like a mirror looking at another mirror... and both on full screen! MAN that exit button was hard to find!---- ---another way to get back if you have a router is to block websites... or limit website viewing times or keywords!(because my brother would pig out on bandwidth... my network speed 108mbps, my internet speed 2kbps... slower that dialup (I have 6mbps btw). Is there a program that eats bandwidth?)
  14. but for my sorting I want to sort by $count, then by $rank, then by $urlso it's like4 13 g.com4 12 a.com3 45 d.com3 45 e.com2 10 c.com2 10 f.com1 90 z.comso what is the best way to sort it? I need to sort from high to low, then high to low, the A to Z.well, where there is return 0; I can just have it search the next array... but will it move it correctly. Doesn't the multidimensional array look like $array($array_of_count, $array_of_rank_, $array_of_url, $array_of_list); so how will the correct rank, url, and list stay together? the first line would be $array[0][0], $array[1][0], $array[2][0], $array[3][0];maybe I'm just lost...
  15. you will also want to check if it's empty after the forum is submitted, because they may disable JS.
  16. Well you guys are too tricky...I + V + X + L + C + D = 666did someone bring that up already?
  17. dcole.ath.cx


    This is also a bad idea on the hacking end... If you have the one and only copy of a script it is much less likely that a hacker will break in!
  18. yeah, I was at work... first time on the computer today!My dad couldn't get the internet on the laptop to work, so he was messing around with the router... even though it wasn't the router but the laptops fault............... stupid laptop, what ever my brother messes with that screws everything up. He was gone for 2 weeks and no problems, but the first day back! Laptop goes haywire!My favorite one was "Google was the best idea from Mircosoft in along time..."OMG, were could you even get an idea like that. I didn't even say anything back, I just went into shock... give me awhile to thing about what happened.
  19. People that use Myspace at my school think they know everything about the internet...I now know why people can't install the easy to install Linux... because it's not stupid proof, just easy... not stupid proof! It was like my friend Mitch (computer mitch) was say... transfering stupid to me. Personal I do feel stupider (<--- see, right there... that is proof!!! right there!) after some things they say. </stupid> lol, ending the supid tag!I should make a list of every thing I've seen and heard that was just stupid about people and computers... it's very long. Justsomeguy, don't say anything... you don't know what it's like. REALLY, kids these day! I could make a show "Kids say the Stupidest things!" http://dcole.ath.cx/dcole/stupid.txt ... just a few I haven't deleted from my memory!
  20. I didn't manually delete the left behind files... it's very likely the problem is there!I switched more over to Opera... on it right now!
  21. dcole.ath.cx


    I code a forum just a couple of days ago, since I needed one with my new layout and stuff... It didn't even take me a day to make, but it only has: viewing topics, viewing posts, creating topics, and creating posts... the user stuff was just innergraded with my login I already had.Good do see people doing work them selves! Hope you guys stay with it and finish it. Any questions just come back here... very one here as far as I've seen is willing to help the willing!
  22. Well good for them! I wish to join in there glory! How can I do so?The problem started after I installed Opera... that's been the only change really. umm... I guess I will just have to live with it..
  23. I didn't record any data... and I really don't wish to prove anything. I don't have enough free time to conduct a sudy of the proccessing prower of different OS, the fair is really in town, I'm making a search engine, I have a job... I will put in on a todo list but it's not likely to get done. SFB will kill me if it gets done before the website update...
  24. My network was setup by a guy that has been doing networking for nearly 30 years... at his job he gets paid $140 an hour... here is the best Windows EVERY... personal favorite! http://www.cs.umd.edu/~meou/Flashes/WINRG/WINRG.htmlI've used Windows since I was in 2nd grade... I have given my patence to windows time and time again... user error, Windows is a graphics inner face... did I miss click an icon or something that causes programs to crash? I know what I did wrong, I click the crash button... if you click on the start menu you will see crash, 3 one down on WinRG!Justsomeguy, You like Windows... some people worship the devil. Any way I'm not stopping anyone... do you what you want. I do what I want.Fairs in town!
  25. Oregon Trail! That was a very good game. It was the only game that the teachers would let any play at school...Linux can run any Windows program. Unlike Windows which still doesn't like tar files... come on, it's not real tar...btw, here is the best Windows ever... http://www.cs.umd.edu/~meou/Flashes/WINRG/WINRG.html Windows Really Good Edition (WInRG)back to browsers... ... I'm running a Dell 3000 with Windows home edition and FireFox is crashing alot when I open the base program. It always works when I open a file in Firefox but not when I open the program and it takes me to my homepage. I have reinstalled it... still no luck.
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