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  1. oops... I was using align and that wasn't working out so well, I needed float.
  2. I'm making an xhtml page and was wondering how you would do this:I want a bulleted list in it's own box on the leftA image on the rightThen Text in the middle, but spreading out to the full width once the list and image endI DO NOT WANT ABSOLUTE POSITIONING__________***************_________________|^^List^^^|TEXT TEXT TEXT |IMAGE$$$$$$$$$$$||^^^^^^^|TEXT TEXT TEXT |$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$||^^^^^^^|TEXT TEXT TEXT |$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$|-------------- TEXT TEXT TEXT |$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$|TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT**|$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$|TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT *|$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$| TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT *------
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    how do you have an image that has text on top of it... like using z-index.
  4. I would stay away from an all flash site, I've tried everything under the sun... and I remember making 3 versons of an all flash site, and it was a bad idea. Such a bad idea... I don't even no why I made a 2nd or 3rd version of it. It's also a long task. I had to make like 3,000 buttons (since each one had 3 stages)... but then I had to redo it because it didn't work out, then something else came up, so I ended up working on 8,000 buttons just on one verson. O, what a waste of my time.........
  5. there are other ways of tricking people, you could hide it in another frame, then when they view the source, they only see the main one... then they would have to hunt down the other one.The best way would be to put a lot of junk in the script, but not so it affects the look of it in the browser (pointless javascript) and then remove all the returns so it's ONE LONG LINE!I think just putting it into one long line would do the trick, it's easy to do and alot of work for them to undo... they would really want to have it. Then it would also speed up the loading time, vs adding junk slows it down.
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    php forum

    Anyone know of a php forum that uses a flat file DB (txt files) and can be downloaded. And don't say google it... I tried that, really didn't find anything.
  7. It's been awhile and I can't remember everything so good...How do you put to div tags next to each other using css?? since they normally have a new line at the end...Also, I need this to work in any browser at any res. ... so no absolutes!!
  8. Does anyone know or can find a script that can compair images. Like find an know object in a large picture. It doesn't have to be in php, and yes, I have tried google... alot and I can't find what I'm looking for.
  9. I didn't manually delete the left behind files... it's very likely the problem is there!I switched more over to Opera... on it right now!
  10. Well good for them! I wish to join in there glory! How can I do so?The problem started after I installed Opera... that's been the only change really. umm... I guess I will just have to live with it..
  11. Oregon Trail! That was a very good game. It was the only game that the teachers would let any play at school...Linux can run any Windows program. Unlike Windows which still doesn't like tar files... come on, it's not real tar...btw, here is the best Windows ever... http://www.cs.umd.edu/~meou/Flashes/WINRG/WINRG.html Windows Really Good Edition (WInRG)back to browsers... ... I'm running a Dell 3000 with Windows home edition and FireFox is crashing alot when I open the base program. It always works when I open a file in Firefox but not when I open the program and it takes me to my homepage. I h
  12. If you like viruses, Windows IS the best!I started a new topic... http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=6364 so that browsers don't have to hear about the OS there put on... I have been told Macs are very good at this... way better than Windows. Macs are made for doing things with Graphics! When I hear about teams making games, they use Linux or Macs... never Windows. Unless it's a Microsoft group, then they use Windows. (NOTE: This is what I H-E-A-R, not fact because I bet there is some group out there using Windows...)
  13. My brother tried to install some Java software because he's trying tp learn java and he spent 5 hours trying to find all the downloads and junk... after reading he's Idiots guide to Java. At the time I didn't know he was doing it but when I got hungry I passed by him and saw what he was doing, then went to my Linux server and installed all the software he was looking for by typing 3 words in the command prompt and letting linux do it. It took me like 30 secs round trip... came back up stairs and was like "Guess I did since 30 secs ago!!" ... he wasn't so happy, but I was laughing my head off.S
  14. To make a Favorite Icon, you get an editor that supports ico... like Ifranview. Then just save it as favicon.ico
  15. in FF one time after an update, if I scrolled before the page was done loading the prgram would freeze...
  16. Something has happened to my FF...I installed opera and now FF will not run... like you try to open the program and it freezes and the only thing new on my computer is Opera and I've never had FF freeze or lag before now...When I first installed Opera, FF started freezing, but then when I told Opera it couldn't be the default browser, FF stopped working all together.I know these to events are probly not connected but it really looks that way...
  17. I was just thinking and someone needs to make a "disable html" button and put in under humor.
  18. you guys aren't teaming up to make your own browser?My friend's friends (from the citys) are making an OS.. just for the fun of it.I would make my own browser if I had a little help and new what language to program it in... maybe I can do that in Computer Science next year (because of me they are offering it, the first time in 10-12 years) It doesn't have to be the best browser, just something to learn.
  19. I know why Opera is best, it's made in the same country where Telemark skis were invented That has to be it..
  20. Well if we look at thoughs results in all cases you will see that IE is last...where are these timers that you timed this results with, I would like to test pages on the internet... like my old and new layout, along with other websites.I don't want to use an online timer because there answers are way to funky... one site said my site took .01 sec to load on DSL and another said 1min 34 sec on DSL (yeah, you betch-a)
  21. With FireFox you don't need to edit the scroll bar to look like the webpage, I want the scroll bar to look like my browser... The scroll bar would really fit into the browser owned more than the webpage owned... not to make a argument or nothing..
  22. Some people here talk about how Microsoft and how they can't improve IE because they have other projects... Well Microsoft is a company with many departments. Like Windows, Xbox, IE, MSN.com........... If the IE group which works on both free and paid versions of there browser can't get to the free one, they should work more like Fedora and Red Hat. Where one leaches off the other one but they don't share the same work groups.------"Hey, look Microsoft invented a new internet call FireFox." "Ryan, that's not a new internet and it's not make by Mircosoft... it's another browser." "Dan, your stu
  23. LG, why can't you get FF??------I think my browsers are getting damaged by my use. As a web developer I write alot of code even if I don't post. Anyway I use Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C... but they have stopped working in FF and IE. Also my ' button sometimes becomes Ctrl+F. I do use these buttons alot!! I also click very fast, I don't wait for things to load. (I once froze a virus because it couldn't block keywords on someone's computer I was trying to fix) Also in FF my browser crashes because I scroll while a page loads (I don't know about IE, I don't use it that much)Maybe, could this also be a Wind
  24. I guess I'll add my self..Full name: Dan ColeAlternative name(s): DColeBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): March of 1989Gender: MaleCountry of residance: USAHeight: ~6'Weight: (hint: people also call me 2D)Eyes: BrownHair: Brown/Black (depends on the season)Smoking/Drinking/Drugs: NO/NO/NOFavourite Music: anything but rapInterest: Programming, Skiing, PuzzlesWIK: html, xhtml, php, perl, xml, css, js, (learning: ASP, SQL, Python)Additional comments:Just made a new server that has twice as much space and is three times faster than my old server. I'm now run on Fedora Core 5 with Apache!! I host websites an
  25. My School just god firefox and people in my class were like "Hey, they have a new internet out... this one is much better..."I tried to tell them it was a browser used for surfing the internet but they said I was stupid and didn't know what I was talking about..I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking... Man, Microsoft just comes out with great things like Google and now Firefox... what will they think of next (I guess were lucky they found the ON button. Anyone of them would make a good President! ) Did you just say IE and Mac in the same sentience??
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