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  1. Is everything right here? How about this part ... talk (message, response) ... should they have $ in front? If everything is right here, I set up the MySQL wrong.... what could be the problem with that? <?php// Connect to MySQL using this data:$dbhost = 'localhost';$dbuser = 'root';$dbpass = '';$dbname = 'chat';// "talk" is name of MySQL table// Connect to MySQL and a table within it$conn = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass) or die('Error connecting to mysql');mysql_select_db($dbname);// insert data into MySQL$message = 'Hey';$response = 'Hey';$query = "INSERT INTO talk (message, res
  2. I get an XML error because the php script tries to return XML. I'll change the script up a little bit so I can input a message through the URL and see what happens.the files are located at http://ledgerpad.ath.cx/chat/ if you want to see any in action.
  3. I'm working on a script that you enter something, it is then found in a data bank and the next column over is retrieved. I have removed all PHP and MySQL errors, yet the script doesn't work. Here is the code for each file (3 total)chat.html <html><head><title>AJAX Hello World Test Page</title><link rel="stylesheet" href="http://www.hackorama.com/css/common.css" type="text/css" title="default" media="screen"><script type="text/javascript" src="ajax.js"></script></head><body><p><input id="testmsg" type="text" value=""><button
  4. Can someone look through this code, it looks okay to me. There maybe something wrong with "mysql_fetch_row($result)" ... which is in the 1nd "else" right before the 2nd "if". <?// Connect to MySQL using this data:$dbhost = 'localhost';$dbuser = 'root';$dbpass = '';$dbname = 'chat';// "chat" is name of MySQL table// Connect to MySQL and a table within it$conn = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass) or die('Error connecting to mysql');mysql_select_db($dbname);// Get message and timeheader('Content-Type: application/xml');$msg = htmlentities(trim(stripslashes($_REQUEST['msg'])));$ts = time
  5. WOW... why is that so big!lol... 0.75em/180%, oops
  6. My website is http://ledgerpad.ath.cx and I have an odd problem of a Horizontal Scroll Bar appearing. I have not idea why its showing up! There is nothing over there.Hope someone can help, Thanks, Dan Cole
  7. you know if you have Firefox and the Webdevloper plugin, you can just change the style yourself. The extension is at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60note: this will only make it look different on that browser on that computer which you made the changes... unless you upload a file from someone else.
  8. Why not use blogging software like WordPress... you can customize the HTML and CSS to have your own unique look, plus it already has all the hard work done for you, such as the PHP with a login.WordPress allows you to register users and they can make and change pages if the admin give them permissions. You can easy put forums, polls, and anything most web developers can think of on it.
  9. dcole.ath.cx

    C and C++

    Kevin M... wait!I would start out with BASIC if I were you.I personally hate ASP.net... maybe I just bought a bad book.Learning C before C++ would just make things harder. There is really not need.C++ is great but it is also complex. Why do you print with 'std:cout' and not 'print'BASIC is great because it gets you doing things that are cool without the work of the complex languages like C, C#, C++, ASP...you can start with online with compilers like www.runbasic.comor offline compilers like www.libertybasic.com(both are free... but liberty basic has a trail counter and it goes up each day)
  10. dcole.ath.cx

    Get a Pixel

    http://www.firefoxgotyourback.com/ has a cool thing, where users can pick a pixel of an image and make it their own.What they do is take 2 images, a gray-ed out one and the final one... then as users pick them it becomes the final image.How do they do this? This may not be the right cat... it has html, JavaScript, maybe some PHP, AJAX...I would like to try and mimic this. The hard part I think is having pixels from 2 images! If you look at the thing it's just one image. I wouldn't want to have php make the image because that uses a lot of resources.I just looked at the image... it's done with
  11. Hey SFB, Fedora [Core] 7 comes out on the 24th and I plan on getting it that night. I will then start the server up again.This topic is really to SFB, but I wanted it to be open to everyone... in case anyone cares. Also, I picked Web Services because it was *** IIS that made me have to start up the server again.I was planning on Mitch hosting my new site, but he runs Windows and may programs and scripts aren't compatible with Windows. I could have modified Windows too death, but with Mitch that would take a year or two.I guess a third option would be to force Mitch to give up Windows and switc
  12. so in the php.ini look for or add 'upload_max_filesize integer'Apache times out after 300 secs for sending or receiving data... in httpd.conf the command is 'TimeOut' or something like that.
  13. Well go check to see if the file is bigger than the set limit in Apache/IIS and PHP. In Apache it should be in the httpd.confand in PHP it should be in the php.ini... I believe, other wise you can google for 'max upload size php/apache/IIS'I'll go see what I can turn up.
  14. dcole.ath.cx


    umm... I think a personal message would work better. They could just spazz (not that they did in my view) about this topic too, something like "You don't see people making a new topic every time someone messes up..."
  15. I guess Fedora would make more sense since he didn't find any support. Doesn't matter that much anyway since they are so close. So virtualadz, is there a 'red hat' or a 'white F with a blue background' in your upper right hand corner? If it is not a red hat, then you can go to http://fedoraforum.org and they can help you out 100 times better than I could.
  16. Well... 1. when your in there, switch to the hardware tab and make sure it detects your hardware.2. Make sure the cable and router are good, by using the computer your using to read this to connect to the path the Red Hat computer would use.so if 1 and 2 are good, that leave connection... does it say 'Active' under 'Status' in the 'Devices' tab? I would hope it didn't... other wise the problem would be else where. If it doesn't just press 'Activate' to humor me... it should then pop-up a connection window, that will take a long time and tell you it couldn't connect.We'll see where this gets yo
  17. I think it would be better to give him the Red Hat one and not the Fedora one since he's running Red Hat.http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/linux/R...ork-config.html
  18. Just so you know, When you get Red Hat, you get support... so you should have gotten something that said support for 1, 2, or 3 years. You can call them anytime about anything or maybe it's just week days... I've never used Red Hat.Anyway...To connect to your network or the internet... click on 'System' which is by default on the top task bar. Then click 'Administration'. Then click 'Network' or 'Networking'. Now because I don't have Red Hat, I can't tell you what to do to the dot... so this is how Fedora does it.A. If there is a Device selected in blue, click 'Edit'. In there you can pick fro
  19. I would be easiest to use a pre-made search engine.I've made a PHP search engine and it takes a little time and will power. You need to understand how search engines work first... things like retrieving pages, sorting, storing, and not over loading the server (timing out).
  20. Why not use S@m's idea... because it works. That's the same code I would have posted and it's both XHTML and CSS valid. You also can't say it doesn't work because I've personally tested it in IE 6, IE 7, FF 1.5, FF 2, Opera 9.1 and Opera 9.2.
  21. dcole.ath.cx


    CSS understand 3 digit HEX Codes... for example ABC is really AABBCC. So if you ever have 3 doubles you can shorten it down.
  22. If you have a look at this page is IE (or Opera) and FF, you will notice the difference. http://removed.example.comThe "Coffee Company" gets moved down in FF. What can I change to fix this... I just can't see a solution without messing it up in IE.Never Mind... I got it.
  23. How do I over lap images or can I?I was trying with z-index but it wasn't working out. Can someone give me some sample code that does this.
  24. I was thinking about using it in BASIC but I found out BASIC doesn't support many advanced things... O well I worked around it.
  25. When you have:$Mitch = "hi"$$Mitch = "Dan"Then $hi = "Dan"what is that called... Dynamic Var. or Multi Var. or something else... I don't remember.
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