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  1. id love flash if i was ready to cough up the 700 us to get it!
  2. You wanna practise alot of html try this,download firefox opra netscape ie ect.make a cool fairly interactive site that works the same on them all
  3. <table border="0"><td>alink</td<td>anotherlink</td><td>GET IT!</td></table> border=0 makes borders invisible
  4. MICROSOFT HANDS OUT FREE DOMAINS AND HOSTING JUST GOOGLE microsoft office live domains it exists its always free and it rules
  5. I sure hope they dont invent somthing new and cool that is easy but impossible for cross browser that would totaly make web developing hard, the other day i ran my current site in netscape, (looks awesome in ie) and half of my text was invisible! when i deleted a lot of my cool stuff it all appeared. i wish there was more equality!
  6. I have I simply did not understand images as i used to
  7. Why ddont u go learn html, css, and javascript that might help u
  8. snowboard01


    this is the most basic topic there is but serioly i cant figure it out from this website, when i want to add an image to a website do i host it and give it its own url or embed it in html somehow or what. as the user desciption says im a noob so plz help me
  9. whats testing tools? are you refering to making code run over many browsers?
  10. snowboard01


    try this <html><head><title></title><style text/css>span{what span should do}</style>
  11. Look this is a free web page with very useful web tutorials just read it more and look at the examples they can help you to understand.
  12. Java Lessons If you dig in this page alot you can find what you need to compile learn and create java.
  13. ya i ment sun micros java
  14. snowboard01


    Im using xhtml on my curren tsite and i am interested in adding some java to it. is there a non depracated tag that can do this?
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