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  1. there shouldnt be a huge current through a normal cat5e cable... unless your doing something with Power-Over-Ethernet. messed up cable?
  2. Yeah, i know the feeling. I wrote my entire clan's website in about a week only a month after buying my first PHP book. Uploaded it, it was all good, until I realised the HTML side of the site, which i had put together in 5 minutes, didnt work with IE. So, i tried picking my code apart, seeing what was wrong, but so much of it was php-generated and messy I gave up and got a good ol' CMS. I was still working on my version of the site on-off for a few months, until last week when we decided to give up the clan. So all-in-all, it was a good learning exercise, but got me nowhere in the end.
  3. http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3770
  4. Merry Christmas!btw: countdown.ssnb.co.uk countdown to christmas
  5. Its dependant on how many posts you have. Not sure how many posts you need for the next level... come to think of it, what is the next level?
  6. Akula_dude

    OT: Humans

    idea: how about we set up another forum somewhere and just link to it from these forums? so w3schools company doesnt pay for the bandwidth, but we still get O-T forums
  7. Akula_dude


    mmkay how about we all get together and write a program to define spam from normal messages that cant be fooled and is totally perfect in every way shape and form
  8. Akula_dude


    Most people will be able to recognize spam when they see it, so just go to the bottom of the thread and click . the mods should be able to delete it prettty soon after. and a few more mods cant hurt either.
  9. Akula_dude

    OT: Humans

    thanks for making me snort my coffee over my keyboard... hehehe...
  10. Akula_dude

    OT: Humans

    im sat on the bench. i dont like the idea that im under the control of a greater being, but there are some things science cant explain. i've given up thinking about philosophy and such like. i'll worry about the afterlife etc when i get there live for the moment... /me goes off headbanging to dream on by aerosmith
  11. Akula_dude

    OT: Humans

    Whilst in a debate in religion class we got into this. we came across the point "how do you know when to believe? god, give me a sign?". maybe if you believe in it it makes religion real. I dont know... im expecting to come across "the answer" and have a heart attack or something...
  12. Akula_dude

    OT: Humans

    mmkay, my thoughts are that we are natural in ourselves, but add anything artificial into the mix and its not natural... simple :)Oh, and Ible-White, im not saying this because of religion, its nothing to do with that, but you were talking about your beliefs like fact: "pardon me, but this world is only 6,000 years old." Im cool, i know thats a belief, but some people might take that the wrong way. sorry for how that might have sounded...
  13. well xhtml is just a stricter HTML, so its best to get the basics before making everything perfect. then, as real_illusions said, css is a good thing to learn, and maybe javascript after that
  14. Akula_dude

    php header

    Could you post your code? then we might be able to help
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